FIFA22 has been out for a few months now and in this post I will put together a top 3 players who have been my favourite to use so far!

Melle Meulensteen plays for RKC Waalwijk in the Eredivisie. Originally he is a centerback, but he actually gets a slight rating upgrade when changed to a CDM. He is 67 rated originally and has 74 potential. In my St. Pauli Career Mode, I signed him in the first season and first used him at centerback at first, but did change him to a CDM and he’s been a rock solid player there. He is now 80 rated and has surpassed his original potential. He has great positioning, good tackling and has amazing long shots which is what I like the most about him. Highly recommend you to try him out!


You might think of Ajax’s Timber at first, but he actually has a twin brother who plays for FC Utrecht, also in the Eredivisie. Quinten Timber is originally 69 rated and has 80 potential. Quinten Timber is an amazing box-to-box player in my St. Pauli Career Mode and he is even better if you train his weak foot up. He is currently 84 rated for me, halfway through Season 5. He is quick, agile and has great physical stats as well. Definitely recommendable if you need a new midfielder!


My favourite player so far this FIFA is Arnor Sigurdsson. He has an unfortunate surname currently, but that doesn’t stop him in my St. Pauli Career Mode. Arnor is 70 rated originally and has 79 potential. Once again, his original potential is outgrown. He is now 83 rated and I’m hoping he can grow a bit more. He is the key player in my team, playing at CAM in a 4-1-2-1-2 narrow formation. He is supplying the strikers with great passes but his own finishing shouldn’t be underestimated either. He is a CF actually, but I trained him to the CAM position, but you can also turn him into a striker.

Let us know in the comments who your favourite players are so far in FIFA22 Career Mode! Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post and don’t forget to follow our CareerModeTips account on Twitter and Instagram to never miss another post on our website!

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