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Every team needs a player that can do anything. The likes of N'Golo Kanté today or Ruud Gullit in the past as notable examples. But this post will give you some future players who can do just that job in your career mode save

Everyone needs a well-rounded player in their team, that’s just how you keep things running. So we have compiled a list of players of most rating ranges that are almost perfectly symmetrical, with even stats across the board.

First up are the 65-70 rated players. These include Adrian Sut, a 73 potential midfielder playing for Steau Bucharest in Romania, and Takeru Kishimoto, who plays for Tokushima Vortis in Japan. You will also recognise Lewis Ferguson if you read the stamina talent post, who overall, is a great signing who costs just €3.1m.

Further up the ratings you’ll find players like Paddy McNair, Galanopolous and Mwepu who play for Middlesbrough, AEK Athens and Brighton respectively, who all look insane, and can play almost anywhere across the pitch, from CB to CF, RB to LW.

Finally, you have the highest ratings, the likes of Renato Sanches, Marcos Llorente and Ridle Baku, who have become staple names in career mode for their high potential, high ratings, and overall usefulness as an all round player from minute 1 to minute 90. The full list will be below though, a compact list of my personal favourites, and our recommended picks

Adrian Sut- 65/73- FCSB-€1.5m
Ben Close- 65/71-Doncaster-€1m
Takeru Kishimoto- 65/70-Tokushima Vortis-€1m
Konstantinos Galanopolous-72/75-AEK-€3.7m
Alfonso Gonzalez-74/75-Monterrey-€4.9m
Lewis Ferguson-69/79-Aberdeen-€3.1m
Filipino Ugrinic-69/79-Luzern-€3.1m
Juninho Bacuna-70/77-Rangers-€3.2m
Knock Mwepu-75/81-Brighton -€9m
Jean-Victor Makengo-70/78-Udinese-€3.5m
Olivier Kemen-70/75-Kayserispor-€2.4m
Paddy McNair-72/77-Middlesbrough-€3.1m
Marcos Llorente-86/89-Atletico-€88m
Renato Sanches-80/86-Lille-€33m
Ridle Baku-80/85-Wolfsburg-€32m

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