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This week's player to use in FIFA 22 is the Brazilian Talles Magno. With some good potentials he is a great player to use in FIFA.

Talles Magno Bacelar Martins, better known as Talles Magno, is a 19-year old Brazilian who plays for New York City FC. After Talles Magno his performance in the MLS Cup semi finals he really deserves to be this week’s special player. With an 88th minute winner Talles Magno helped secure New York City FC their first ever trophy. NYCFC will now play the MLS Cup final against Portland Timbers but is already the best team of the Eastern Conference.

Career Mode Player to Use!
Name: Talles Magno Bacelar Martins
Age: 19
Nationality: Brazilian
Real Face: No
FIFA 22 Rating: 66
FIFA 22 Potential: 84

Talles Magno is an impressive player in real life, but why use him in FIFA? Well Talles Magno was first added in FIFA 21 and is seen as a Brazilian Wonderkid. He moved from Vasco da Gama in Brazil to NYCFC and has already been linked to Manchester City because NYCFC is part of the City Group. In FIFA 22 Talles Magno can be playing in multiple positions. He can be played as a left midfielder, left winger and also as a centre forward, but his OVR will decrease slightly.

Talles Magno scoring winner in the MLS Cup semi-finals VS Philadelphia Union

Talles Magno his main strengths are speed and dribbling. Some might even compare him to Neymar Jr, but this is maybe still too early. With a good attacking workrate Talles Magno is a great option for a RTG or as a super sub at a bigger team. For just €2.2M you can pick him up in the first season of your Career Mode. And because of his 84 potential you can make him a World Class player in just 3 seasons. Of course Talles Magno has some flaws. His stamina isn’t amazing and his finishing needs work, but with the right training he can become the next Neymar. In either your Career Mode save or in real life!

So are you going to try him out? I personally know that I will! Thanks for reading the post and I hoped you guys liked it. Make sure to leave suggestions on either our socials (@CareerMDTips) or in the comments down below. Also be sure to follow @FIFACMTips on all his socials to not miss new FIFA 22 content! If you like to chat with our community, make sure to join our Discord as well.

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