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One of the better German clubs has been struggling in Bundesliga this year and haven't been able to prove their potential. Takeover the Frankfurt side and prove what they are capable of!

Eintracht Frankfurt is a professional football club currently competing in 1st tier of German football – Bundesliga. Their emerged themselves as one-time Bundesliga winner and five-time German Cup winner. In last few years, Eintracht has been one of the better sides in the league, but that hasn’t been enough to achieve bigger and more impressive results.

In the past few years, they had one of the most promising footballers and trio in football world. The impressive trio was made of three Balkan players, Luka Jovic, Ante Rebic and Filip Kostic, which meant they had more chemistry in their game. Out of those three players, only Filip Kostic stayed at the club and continued to shine.

We’re going to create a Career Mode Challenge and try to wake up Eintracht Frankfurt from their sleep and continue to impress with some amazing players!

No Financial Takeover

First of all, challenge yourself, put your difficulty on the highest you can play on! Don’t use any financial takeovers as Eintracht Frankfurt aren’t known as big spenders of footballing world, while they produce some of the top tier talents! You can put your transfer strictness to loose, as it might help you with the next challenge!

(Re)create the Balkan Trio

Out of three Balkan players that made the promising trio, only Filip Kostic stayed and continued their story at the club. After leaving the club, Luka Jovic didn’t find his place at Real Madrid and is likely to move in upcoming transfer windows. The trio had the potentials of 84, 88, and 81 in FIFA 19! To recreate the trio, buy one player from both Croatia and Serbia, and keep Filip Kostic while making him one of your key players in the squad!

European Glory

This year, Eintracht Frankfurt is participating in Europa League as they finished 5th last season in Bundesliga. This goal sounds simple, but might be hard as there is a lot of competition in Bundesliga, qualify for European Competition in again first season so you can compete with some of the best teams in Europe and whole world!

Trio Times Winner!

In more than 120 years of club’s existence, they won the German League title only once! It’s time to change it now, at least in Career Mode. In 4 seasons, win the Bundesliga at least two times and make it three-io in club’s history! Good luck with that, as it might be really hard with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munchen alongside you in the league.

Win an European Competition

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Compete with the Eintracht Frankfurt and reach comfortable heights of European Football, the biggest of all – Champions League! While fighting with Bayern Munchen and Borussia Dortmund in Bundesliga, make sure to do your best in Champions League or any other European Competition and swipe out other competitors! Win an European competition with Eintracht Frankfurt in first 4 season and achieve the first European trophy with the club.

Thank you for reading this post! If you have any suggestions on posts and challenges we should do next, leave it down below! Be sure to follow FifaCMTips on TwitterInstagram, and YouTube to not miss any other FIFA 22 Career Mode content!


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