With a new FIFA come a lot of gameplay changes, and that hasn't changed for FIFA22. Here are some things I have noticed whilst playing the EA Play Access Trial and some tips for when you get your hands on the game!

As I have played FIFA22 Career Mode for a bit already due to the EA Play Access Trial, I have noticed some gameplay related things already. Some are good changes from FIFA21 but others might need to be fixed soon. So if you haven’t been able to play the game just yet, be sure to read this post to be kind of prepared for when you will be able to play the game!


One thing you will notice quickly when playing the new game is that the overall gameplay is a lot slower. Players respond slower to passes, touches, tackles and shots. This is for both you as the user and the AI, so it’s quite well balanced so far in my opinion.

For anyone that has played PES (or now eFootball) over the past few years, you will notice that the gameplay of FIFA22 is similar to PES. The way players move, goalkeeper animations (see next topic) and the slower gameplay makes you feel like you’re playing PES. Not that’s that a bad thing per se, but you might have to get used to it for a bit.


As EA mentioned in their gameplay pitch notes on their website, goalkeepers have been changed a bit. And I’m not gonna lie, it’s changed more than I expected. There are a lot more animations for goalkeepers when diving. Most of them look a lot more realistic which is really nice to see, but there are still some random animations sometimes, with the goalkeeper missing an easy shot for example. On the other hand, goalkeepers have become very good in general shot stopping, especially shots from longer range. This is in my opinion a good thing, as you will need to find new ways to score!

Another thing to note about goalkeepers is that it’s highly recommended to have a high rated goalkeeper in Career Mode, as I feel like there is a big difference between high rated and low rated goalkeepers, with higher rated goalkeepers saving some insane shots.


With the slower general gameplay come a few changes. One of them is that pace seems to not really be that overpowered in FIFA22. And it’s not like your 40 pace centerback can catch up with your 90 pace striker, there is quite a good balance in it so far. Hopefully it stays like this during the entire year, cause it’s actually quite fun, even though I quite like myself a 90 pace attacker to outsprint everyone!


Another change is that skillmoves have become quite useless now. With the slower gameplay and the defenders reacting a bit slower, it’s quite difficult to use skillmoves effectively in FIFA22 Career Mode. Not sure if this is gonna get patched anytime soon, but for those skillers out there it could be quite a difficult year in Career Mode!


Because of the change in gameplay speed, you will most likely have to make your matches a passing game. This means that you don’t really kick the ball up the pitch and hope that one of your pacey wingers is getting to it, but that you have to pass the ball around a lot. You will get a lot of possession and you will have to make a lot of short passes. Something to get used to in the beginning, but I feel like this will also allow you to create a lot of different attacking opportunities. Sometimes crossing will be the best option and sometimes you will have to keep playing the ball around the goalkeeping area to wait for an open space to pass to.


This might just be me, but from three matches in Manager Career Mode I have already scored two headers from corners. I’ve had quite a few corners already and I think this is another thing that EA balanced quite well. If your corner kick goes where you want it and your player is at the right spot at the right time you can score a corner goal quite easily. But if either the corner kick isn’t great and your player isn’t in the right spot, you most likely won’t score a goal.

In FIFA21 I thought corners were quite useless and very hard to score from, so I’m very excited to see corner goals coming back into FIFA. Not too overpowered, but quite balanced so far!

Let us know in the comments if you have noticed something else whilst playing the EA Play Access Trial. Be sure to follow me on my Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as well to not miss any other FIFA22 Career Mode content!

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