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Create a Club will be a new feature in FIFA 22, but what club should you create? Here are some ideas for your own club!

Wit a new FIFA comes new features. The biggest feature for Manager Career Mode this year is that you can now create your own club again! Create a Club let’s you discover your own imagination where you can create everything from the ground up! From the stadium, to crest and the team’s kits! While this feature sounds amazing, thinking of a team you can create is difficult. So I am here to help you and give you a few ideas for a club you can create!

London Saint-Germain (LSG)

Start a club that is made by another club in a different country. By doing this, you can create a storyline around having a partnership between the clubs and trading players from time to time. As an example, I took LSG, or London Saint-Germain. As you would probably have guessed by now, LSG is a team based on PSG. In this instant PSG decided to expand its brand to England, with a club based in London. LSG will have to work its way up from League 2 to Premier League glory (or take a different route). You can either use this idea or create a club that has the same intentions as this one. A different example could be Milan City, which is part of the City Football Group. Use your imagination and create another Football powerhouse!

U.D. Alicante

U.D. Alicante is a Spanish club based on a location in Spain. For this example I took the city of Alicante. You can choose any city or town anywhere you want. To make it a realistic name I put U.D. in front of the name. U.D. stands for Unión Deportiva, which some teams in Spain have in their name, like Levante UD. If you are making a team in England, you could have the city name together with City, United or Town. Since this is also pretty common in England. Together with this team, you could create a rule like Athletic Club Bilbao has where they only sign players from one region. Alicante is based in the region of Valencia, which would make you sign players who are born in this region.

Vogue FC

Vogue FC is a name based on something that the city they are based in is known for. Vogue is a different word for fashion, meaning Vogue FC is a club based in a city that is known for their fashion. The city I based this team in is Düsseldorf. This city is known for its fashion and its trade in fashion. Different examples could be New York or Milan if you want to base it around fashion. You could also take a totally different route. Amsterdam for example is known for it’s weed, so you can create a weird little team called Weed FC. Be creative since anything is possible.

Marin FC

The last one is simple, but could be really fun. Giving your club the same name as your own name can make the save very personal. It really shows that it’s your club and that you made it. It isn’t necessarily realistic but for some this doesn’t have to be realistic when creating a club. I would never name my club Marin FC because I like to keep my saves realistic, but this is a great option for someone who doesn’t really care about it. You can also base it on something personal to you. So instead of using your own name, use your dog’s name. Or you can use your last name. Anything goes with Create a Club.

Hopefully this post gave you some ideas for Create a Club. Keep in mind anything goes and do what you feel is fun. If you like this post or have any opinions about this post, feel free to share it in the comments. Make sure to join our Discord and tell us about your FIFA experiences!


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