A new team coming to the MLS. Your team coming to the MLS. The Las Vegas Lions are a fantasy team that you can create!

We have given you real and fantasy teams for Create a Club ideas. Las Vegas FC is a fantasy team that you can put in the MLS. Las Vegas is one of the major cities in the United States that currently don’t have an MLS team. That is why Las Vegas is a perfect city for a fantasy MLS team. The MLS team that you will create! You can also recreate Las Vegas Light FC, which is an already existing team in Las Vegas.

Backstory (This backstory is made up)
Las Vegas is a city known for its casinos and gambling. Something that is not as popular in Las Vegas is football, or as they know it, soccer. Tony Bloom is a famous poker player and also the owner of Brighton and Union St-Gilliose. Tony Bloom decided to create a team this time, instead of buying one. And what better place for a poker player to start a team than in Las Vegas. From the getgo, Las Vegas FC s will automatically be partnered with Brighton and Union St-Gilliose. The goal of Tony Bloom is to find talents from the Americas (North and South America) and sell these to one of two European clubs. This will also be your goal. Finding talents through the Youth Academy or buying cheap talents to then sell them on to bigger clubs (preferably Brighton or Union St-Gilliose).

Creating the Club
There are a few things to consider when creating the club. You want to put the Las Vegas Lions in the MLS. You can replace any team you want. As a rival, you will have to choose one of two teams from Las Vegas. This can be either LAFC or LA Galaxy.

LAFC as rivals

When it comes to the look of the club you can decide everything yourself. You can decide the club colours and crest all yourself, but it could be fun to have similar colours as Brighton. The board expectations can also be whatever you want. Financially you are very secure with a rich owner, so you can give yourself a nice starting budget. I’d personally recommend not more than €50M since it will be too easy otherwise. The squad quality should be put on 2*. This way you won’t walk over the league instantly and you have a challenge on your hands.

Possible looks for Las Vegas FC

I hope I made everything clear for this Create a Club. Because this is a fantasy team you can go any direction with this team. If you have any questions you can ask us on our Discord. You can also ask us on our Twitter or Instagram. Here we also post some exclusive content from time to time.

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