A story of setback after setback. Can you turn it around for this dutch club called Achilles 29 and dominate the Netherlands?

English football has a very rewarding football system. A 9th tier football team could get into the Premier League by just playing good football. In the Netherlands this is different. The Netherlands system has two main tiers. The Eredivisie (first tier) and Keuken Kampioen Divisie (second tier). Below this, you do have more tiers, but a team out of the third tier can’t just promote to the second tier. It costs a lot of money for a club to promote from the third to second-tier in the Netherlands. A team that did try this is Achilles 29.

Achilles 29 is a dutch club based in a small town called Groesbeek. Currently, they are playing in the “Hoofdklasse”, which is the fifth division in the Netherlands. For the 2013/14 season, Achilles 29 took the gamble and was promoted to the second tier of Dutch football. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out and Achilles 29 went back into the third tier after the 2016/17 season. Where they were relegated after just 1 season to the fourth tier. And to make everything even worse, they got relegated straight back down again in the season after from the fourth tier to the fifth tier, where they have been since.

Achilles 29 playing in the Dutch fifth tier (Hoofdklasse)

This is where you come in. This Create a Club might not be the most realistic because you are making a club that is originally in the fifth tier. But it is a fun idea. Your job is to create Achilles 29 and make them the best club in the Netherlands.

Creating the Club
When you create the club you have to consider a few things. First of all, when choosing the name it’s pretty obvious that this will be Achilles 29. You will put Achilles 29 in the Eredivisie. You can choose who you would like to replace, but make sure to select NEC Nijmegen as the rivals. This is because Groesbeek is a small town close to Nijmegen. You could also select Vitesse as a rival if you want a more difficult rival.

As for the kits, the Achilles 29 home kit usually has black and white stripes, similar to the Dutch side Heracles Almelo or English side Newcastle United. The away kit can be whatever you want. As for the logo, check out our Instagram to see what logo we used. The board expectations can be whatever you want. Because Achilles 29 is a club that is playing very low, they don’t really have a widely known tactic. The only thing that is important is that you set the financial objective to critical, mainly because that is what they struggle with. The last thing you need to choose is squad quality and budget. If you want a challenge I recommend you select a squad quality of 1,5 stars. This will make it very hard at the start. As for budget I recommend selecting €1.000.000.

I hope everything is clear for this Create a Club idea. If you have any questions you can ask them directly to me on our Discord. You can also message us on our Twitter or Instagram, where we also post exclusive content.

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