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Pace has become a key instrument in making games into wins. It's how FIFA works, no matter what is said. This guide will give you some of the top talents with the quickest pace ratings in the game.

Pace is the one attribute that’s useful one very position, from CB to CF, LW to RB. This post will list some of the quickest U21 players in the game!

Ansu Fati:
The renowned winger has a comfortable 88 pace, and 82 dribbling, which makes him a great talent to pick up for a big team. Valued at €32.5m, he has 4* 4* skill moves and weak foot, as well as 89 agility and 90 acceleration, meaning he will feel smooth on the ball.

Karim Adeyemi:
The German striker has become a cult hero recently due to his prolific nature, but accompanying his 75 shooting and 77 dribbling comes 92 pace. He starts off as 73 rated, but can reach 86 via potential, meaning that he has a +13 growth, which in turn could mean you’re dealing with 99 pace, 88 shooting and 90 dribbling…which makes him incredibly lethal across the front line.

Maxence Lacroix:
The Wolfsburg CB is a rare addition of defensive speed, being 6’3 tall but still having 88 pace means that attackers will basically see a brick wall sprinting towards them…which isn’t exactly a fun concept. 83 strength and 93 sprint speed means that someone has basically given a tank an F1 engine, and his 86 potential isn’t half bad as well.

Abdallah Sima:
A player you may remember from a POTW post, Sima currently is on loan at Stoke city, but with his 84 potential, 4* weak foot and 88 pace, I’m sure you can wait the 1 season to snap him up. At 6’2, he isn’t the shortest of wingers, but what he lacks in agility, he makes up for with his blistering speed.

Kevin Schade:
The fastest player on this list is 70 rated Freiburg winger Kevin Schade. He only has 83 potential, but he has a whopping 94 pace, and that isn’t even the best part. He is 6’0 tall with 86 jumping and 84 agility, which somehow means he is a great dribble, but then also a lethal header and defender of the ball as well. This kid is 100% one to pick up in any save, he looks phenomenal.

Sekou Koita:
This is one of the mixed bag players. See, he has 82 potential, 91 pace, 4* weak foot, 75 finishing, 89 balance, 87 jumping and 90 agility…but he doesn’t have a face scan, either 2d or 3d. If however, you’re fine with that single negative, this Guinean striker is absolutely sublime, and looks like the ruiner of leagues and destroyer of teams.

Jeremiah Frimpong:
When I was putting this post together, 2 players kept appearing no matter what I searched. Frimpong is one of them. The Leverkusen RB has 85 potential, 93 pace, 91 agility and 90 balance, as well as 84 stamina and 81 dribbling, which makes him one of the most underrated RM/RBs in the game. Valued at €22m, this Dutch kid may not be cheap, but he sure is great value.

Kamaldeen Sulemana:
This was the other player. The Ghanaian winger was popping up every time I hit search, and for good reason. 84 potential, 4* weak foot, 4* skill moves, 80 dribbling and 93 pace, Sulemana is lethal. 90 agility and 89 balance make the Rennais winger just that little bit better, and at 19 years old, you have over a decade to make him into a world beating superstar.

Ernest Poku:
The final player on this list is one with +21 rating growth, starting at 61 rated and reaching 83, Poku is perfect for an RTG save, valued at just €1m, the AZ winger has 4* weak foot, 92 pace and 85 agility, as well as 65 dribbling and 64 ball control. However, there are negatives. No 2d face, 46 stamina, 38 strength and 48 composure means that Poku will be more of a super sub than a starting player, and used to create, rather than finish. But if you can deal with that, the Poku is a perfect pick.

That concludes this list of the fastest talents, a heritage that has endorsed FIFA since the early days, a new line of starlets pop up every year with more pace, more power, and even more ways to exploit their skills. But this isn’t all of them…there’s always more out there, you must have to know where to look.

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