The last winners of the Scottish Premiership that weren't Celtic or Rangers, stamped 37 years in the past. But can you update history and adjust that practically ancient number to 0?

The 1984-85 Scottish Premiership was like any other. 180 games played, 522 goals scored, Rangers and Celtic making it into the European comps for next season…except there was 1 notable oddity. It wasn’t Dundee United finishing above Rangers, it wasn’t the fact that bottom placed Morton conceded 100 goals, and 2nd bottom place conceded 64.
It was that Aberdeen won the title. The most recent time that it wasn’t Rangers or Celtic. That is almost 40 years of Celtic and Rangers dominating the league.

To put this into context, in 1985: Gorbachev became the Soviet leader, the wreckage of the RMS Titanic was found, Back to the Future was released and the A-Ha song ‘Take on Me’ was released.

But this is why we have made this into a challenge. Aberdeen haven’t fallen into obscurity, they aren’t some lost team in the 7th tier, they’re still doing fine. Last season they finished 4th, they’ve got a good squad, and overall, sure, they aren’t title winners, but they’re not a bad side.

This challenge was recommend by an Instagram user, and involves rejuvenating Aberdeen, and winning the Scottish prem, and the UCL. You have a starlet centre-mid in Lewis Ferguson, and the club has strong ties to MLS outfit Atlanta United (the one whose stadium Kanye was sleeping at). There isn’t some massive loophole. Just stop Celtic and Rangers before they make it 50 years of combined success.

So, as they say in Aberdeen…uh…Have fun in Aberdeen? Idk what they say in Aberdeen

where in Scotland even is Aberdeen?

I’m saying Aberdeen too much now as well.

Win the Scottish Prem with Aberdeen.

Sign players mainly from the UK, but also sign/loan in a player from Atlanta United every season whilst also accepting any offer from the MLS club if they try buy one of your players.

Keep Lewis Ferguson for as long as possible, only accepting an offer if you can get double his worth (if he’s worth 5 mill, only accept 10m)

As an extra aim, try win the UCL as well, but this isn’t as important.

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