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You don't know what teams to do? This post will contain the second half of the leagues. There will be a team you could try for every league!

Last week the first teams for every league post got published. This post contained the first half of the leagues with a team for every single league. This post will contain the second half of the leagues. Together with last week’s post, there will be a team for every league in FIFA 22. As with the last post, every team will also get a mini-challenge for you to try.

Japan – Yokohama F. Marinos
The first team in part 2 is from Japan. The team for you to try in Japan is Yokohama F. Marinos. This team is part of the City Football Group. This is a group where the likes of Manchester City, New York City FC and Estac Troyes are also a part of. Your job with this team will be to work together with these teams. So you can buy, sell or loan players from these teams. You can also sell your players to these teams.

South Korea – Seognam
This team has been chosen because of a certain member in our Discord. This guy is the most active on our Discord and deserves some recognition. Your job with this team is to buy footballing legends. Players who are old and would like to earn some money outside of Europe. This is not something they have done before, but something you will do anyway.

Seongnam FC walking on the pitch

Mexico – Guadalajara
In Mexico the team we recommend is Guadalajara. This team has developed some great Mexican talents like Javier Hernandez and most recently José Juan Macias. Your job is to create a team with only Mexican players and try to create some Mexican talents alongside.

Netherlands – Sparta Rotterdam
SP – AR – TA is what the Sparta fans sing often. Sparta is one of two clubs in Rotterdam that participate in the Eredivisie. The other club from Rotterdam, Excelsior, currently sits in the second tier of Dutch football. Your job is to become the biggest club in Rotterdam by beating Feyenoord. Youth wise you can also focus on getting some Morrocan talents, since this is a pretty common nationality in the youth of Sparta.

Norway – Viking FK
How could we not pick a team with this teamname. This is also the main reason why we picked them. Your challenge is to only sign players who are tall. You can decide yourself what you classify as tall, but we would recommend at least 6’2 or 187cm.

Poland – Cracovia
A while back our writer Or4ngutaN has already written a big story about KS Cracovia. This team is the oldest club in Poland with a very big history. Your job is to bring back their glory and use the story as a guideline. So pick something from the story that you like and focus on that. For example recreating a big name from the team. Click here to find the post.

Portugal – Portimonense FC
The F1 racing track of Portimão is located relatively near the football club of Portimonense. This challenge will have you only sign players who’s nationality are also represented in F1. So you can’t sign an American for example, because there are no American drivers in F1.

Portimão racing circuit

Ireland – Shamrock Rovers
Shamrock Rovers is a very successful club in Ireland. Having won the league 19 times and the Irish cup 25 times. Your job is to keep winning these trophies but this time do it with an average squad age of 28. This means you gonna need to buy some oldies because the current squad age is 25,7 years old.

Romania – FCSB
FCSB, also known as Steau Bucharest. Is only one of few teams that won the Champions League that are not in the top 7 leagues of the world. Your job with FCSB is to win the Champions League for the second time and becoming the biggest club outside these top leagues.

Saudi-Arabia – Ettifaq FC
There is no specific reason why Ettifaq FC is chosen. The challenge for this club will be the opposite of the one with Shamrock Rovers. Your job is to overturn the club and change the average age from 27,4 to 23 years old. This means you need to sell most old players and sign young talents. If you want it to be even harder you could force yourself to only signing Asian and African talents.

Scotland – Dundee FC
Dundee FC is currently one of the bottom teams in Scotland. In their history they have been the better Scottish side before, winning the league once in 1962. Your job is to win the title again. The only catch is that you have to do it in season 1. Show that with good management that Dundee FC is actually a club that should be feared in the Scottish league.

Spain (LaLiga Santander) – Valencia CF
Valencia CF used to be a common side in European competitions. Right now Valencia is not present in any European competition. Your job with Valencia CF is to get European Football in season 1 and from there on win a total of 5 European Competitions. These can be the Champions League, Europa League and the newly added Conference League.

Spain (LaLiga Smartbank) – UD Ibiza
Party island Ibiza recently has had a team promote to the second tier of Spain. This means UD Ibiza is new in FIFA 22. Your job with UD Ibiza is to become not only known as the party island, but also as the football island. You are only allowed to use youth players in this save. This means you are making Ibiza the hub for talent.

Sweden – BK Häcken
BK Häcken is a club with some good and talented players. Someone like Patrik Wålemark is already linked to Feyenoord for example. Your job will be to make BK Häcken a Moneyball team. This means you buy players for cheap, and sell them on to bigger teams after a few years.

Switzerland – FC St. Gallen
FC St. Gallen has a very big Swiss talent in Leonidas Stergiou. If you decide to become FC St. Gallen their manager, your job will be to make Stergiou a club legend. You can’t sell him and you need to make him 99 OVR at some point. How you manage to do this is up to you.

Leonidas Stergiou playing for FC St. Gallen

Turkey – Karagümrük SK
Karagümrük has a lot of solid loaned in players. Some of which are Emre Mor, Yann Karamoh and Derrick Luckassen. Your job is to make Karagümrük a team which has a lot of loaned players. You can decide yourself if you would like to only have loaned in players, or just 3 in starting XI. But try to make it difficult for yourself.

United States – New York Red Bulls
The last one on this list is the New York Red Bulls. Similar to Yokohama F. Marinos, the NY Red Bulls are part of a collective group. This challenge will be more connected to a Journeyman though. Your job is to start at NY Red Bulls and win the MLS at least once. Once you are done with this you need to work your way up to become the RB Leipzig manager at some point. This might take a while and a few clubs in between, but the end goal is winning the Champions League with RB Leipzig.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure to check out part 1 if you haven’t already. Also follow us on our Instagram and Twitter. And make sure to check out our Discord.

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