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FIFA 22 contains many leagues and sometimes it's hard to find a team. This post contains the first half of the leagues in FIFA 22 and shows 1 team per league.

FIFA 22 has a lot of leagues to choose from, 34 to be exact. This post will be the first of a 2 part series where in this part the first 17 leagues will get 1 team for you to try! These teams will also contain a small challenge for you to try with it. Teams that already have a challenge (at the time of publishing) on the website won’t be featured in this post to not have overlapping challenges.

Argentina – Independiente
The first country on this list is Argentina. In Argentina the team that I have chosen is Independiente. The main reason for this choice is because they have a real stadium in FIFA 22. This makes for a great atmosphere in your FIFA 22 save! If you decide to play with Independiente, your small challenge will be to reduce the average starting XI squad age to 24 years old. Currently, this is 26.6 years old.

Australia – Perth Glory
For Australia, the team that is chosen is Perth Glory. Ex-Liverpool player, Daniel Sturridge currently plays for Perth Glory and will also be involved in the small challenge. Your job is to win the Australian League with Daniel Sturridge as the main striker for your team! You can connect this save with a Journeyman and move Sturridge with you to a different team if you’d like.

Austria – WSG Tirol
The team from Austria is WSG Tirol. Tirol is a famous place for winter sports and this could make for a great storyline. For the small challenge, you will have to only sign players with Anton in their name (Stuff like Antonio is also allowed). This is due to the known German song, Anton Aus Tirol.

DJ Otzi – Anton Aus Tirol

Belgium – Sint-Truiden
The club from Belgium is Sint-Truiden. Sint-Truiden has a lot of Japanese players in their squad. When taking over Sint-Truiden, your job is to keep signing Japanese players. You can decide how many yourself, but I recommend at least one Japanese player per season. In order to keep the save realistic, try to sell players if they get offers from big teams in the original top 5 leagues.

Brazil only has fake players so this competition won’t be in this post

China – Guangzhou City
In China, Guangzhou FC is the bigger team from the city of Guangzhou. That’s why your job is to make Guangzhou City the bigger team in China. With Moussa Dembélé in your squad, this might be possible very soon if you can give him some good players alongside him! Make sure to do it quickly though, since Dembele is already 33 years old at the start of your save.

Denmark – Randers FC
Randers FC is an interesting team. Often when looking at Danish football the teams that are brought in the conversation are teams like Copenhagen and Midtjylland. Often this is unfair since there is a third Danish team that has accomplished European Football this season. That team is Randers FC. They managed to qualify for the group stages of the Conference League. Your challenge is to make the Quarter Finals of the Conference League with Randers FC and create some talents along the way.

England (Premier League) – Brighton
Brighton is often forgotten about when choosing a team from the Premier League. Teams like Brentford, Norwich City and Leeds United get picked more often but for what reason? Brighton has had a good season so far and could be a very fun team in FIFA Career Mode. With the likes of Lamptey and Mwepu, you can create a real powerhouse. Your challenge with Brighton is to qualify for a European competition in season 1! This might be a difficult task, but with the right players you can pull this off.

England (Championship) – Barnsley
Last season Barnsley managed to get into the playoffs of the Championship. This season Barnsley sits in the relegation zone of the Championship. For this small challenge, you will have to avoid this scenario from happening and bring Barnsley up to the Premier League. The current Barnsley squad does need some work but I believe you can bring them to the Premier League!

Barnsley in their 2021 Playoffs match vs Swansea City

England (League One) – Cambridge United
Cambridge United is one of four teams that got promoted to the EFL League One last season. Currently, they are having a decent season sitting in the lower part of the mid-table. Your job with Cambridge United is to develop young talents while not relegating them back to the EFL League Two. Your squad must contain two U21 players at all times!

England (League Two) – Forest Green
Forest Green is a team that is very environmentally friendly. The players only get served vegan food and the stadium etc. gets powered by eco-friendly types of energy. This team is very unique and also has some pretty cool kits too. Your job is to always be positive earnings wise, which you can check on the finances tab in the menus. They manage to be eco-positive, but can you help them be positive with earnings and costs as well?

France (Ligue 1) – AS Saint-Étienne
The previous Ligue 1 winners currently sit bottom of the table in France after a horrible season so far. This challenge will be very similar to the challenge you’ve been given with Barnsley. Can you prevent this scenario from happening and maybe even give Saint-Étienne another Ligue 1 trophy?

France (Ligue 2) – SC Bastia
After just promoting back to the Ligue 2 again this season, SC Bastia also made it back into FIFA 22. SC Bastia is an interesting team because they are based on an island. Your challenge will be to only sign players that are born on the island. You can make this easy for yourself by expecting England as an Island, or you make it harder and only pick the smaller ones.

The city of Bastia which is situated on the island of Corsica

Germany (Bundesliga) – FC Augsburg
Just a few days ago the FC Augsburg transfer record-fee has was surpassed with the signing of Ricardo Pepi. For a fee of €20M, Pepi joins the German side from FC Dallas. This challenge will be easy. You just have to sign Ricardo Pepi and make him starting striker straight away, despite the lower overall in FIFA 22.

Germany (Bundesliga 2) – Hannover 96
Having a real stadium makes any Career Mode better. This is why Hannover 96 is a great option as well. Playing in the HDI Arena, Hannover is a side that has a lot of history in the Bundesliga but currently sits in the second tier of German Football. Your only job is to bring them back to the Bundesliga after being absent for so long.

Germany (3. Liga) – SC Freiburg II
Usually, I wouldn’t recommend a second team, but for this challenge, I will make an exception. This won’t be a typical Road to Glory but more of a Coach to Glory. Your job isn’t to promote with Freiburg, your job is to show yourself to the world and move to better clubs along the way. Can you become the new Thomas Tuchel or Jürgen Klopp?

India – Chennaiyin FC
The best youngster from India in FIFA 22 plays for Chennaiyin FC. Anirudh Thapa has 62 overall and 73 potential. This is the highest potential an Indian has in the Indian league. Can you make Thapa the best Indian player in history? This will also be your challenge with Chennaiyin FC. Making Thapa the best player in Indian history.

Italy – Venezia FC
How could I not pick Venezia FC for Italy? The kits, history and city itself make Venezia FC a gem for a FIFA 22 Career Mode. Your job with Venezia FC will be to sign talents from the USA. They have been doing that already with the likes of Busio and De Vries. Your job is to buy some more and create a link between the USA and Venezia FC!

Venezia FC home kit 2021/22

This was the first part of a second part series. The next part will contain all the remaining leagues so don’t worry if your league hasn’t been mentioned yet. Make sure to follow us on our Twitter and Instagram. Also, feel free to join our Discord and chat with us!

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