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Strength is often overlooked, but can be a fun attribute in FIFA 22. Here are the 5 strongest U21 players in FIFA 22.

When looking at FIFA 22 players to use, many look at their pace. Pace is something very OP in FIFA and usually something that most people choose for. Strength is something often overlooked but can make a Career Mode unique. Strong players can be really fun to use and make for a different type of experience then with pacey players. I made a list of 5 U21 players with the highest strength stat.

David Carmo
David Carmo is a Portuguese centerback at SC Braga in Portugal. He is on 5th place in this list because of his 92 strength. With his 6’4 (196cm) height, Carmo makes for a great no-nonsense CB. David Carmo is a very slow player in FIFA 22. But with his strength he can make sure that no one gets past him anyways. David Carmo is 73 OVR at the start of a Career Mode save and his potential is 83.

Recommend teams:
Arsenal, Wolfsburg, Sevilla and AC Milan

Brian Brobbey
Next on the list is the dutchman Brian Brobbey. Brian Brobbey is a 5’9 (180cm) striker also with 92 strength. Brian Brobbey currently plays for RB Leipzig but there have been some rumours that Ajax want him back. This will mean that information this post might be outdated soon. Brian Brobbey has 73 OVR and a potential of 85. Can you make him into a dutch beast?

Recommended teams:
Ajax, West Ham, Valencia and AS Monaco

Erling Haaland
How could Erling Haaland not be on this list? Erling Haaland is currently one of the biggest talents in the world and is potentially a Ballon Do’r winner. Scoring more goals before his 21st birthday then both Messi and Ronaldo. Erling Haaland starts with 88 OVR with a potential of 94. Erling Haaland is third on the list with 93 strength.

Recommended teams:
Real Madrid, Bayern Münich and Manchester City

Matthijs de Ligt
The second dutchman on this list is Matthijs de Ligt. The 21 year old defender from Juventus has a stunning 93 Strength. Together with Erling, Matthijs and him are the only ones that have an OVR above 80. De Ligt has 85 OVR and a potential of 90. Create a defensive duo with de Ligt and Carmo, and you have got yourself the new Great Wall of China. But this time it contains a Portuguese and a Dutchman.

Recommended teams:
Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United and Bayern Münich

Daryl Dike
Daryl Dike is officially the strongest talent in FIFA 22. The American striker has a whopping 96 Strength. This makes Daryl the second strongest in FIFA just behind Akinfenwa, who has 97 strength. Daryl Dike currently plays for Orlando City in the MLS but has been rumored with many European teams. Can you give Daryl the European glory he deserves?

Recommend Teams:
Most teams in the top 5 leagues.

Honorable mentions
– Paulão Paulo Junqueiras Couto (Fake Brazilian) – 92 Strength
– Juli Freitinho (Fake Brazilian) – 91 Strength
– Vincent Gembalies – 91 Strength
– David Nemeth – 90 Strength

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