A Turkish team with a great look, but a hidden problem, can you build this club into what could effectively be the most successful retirement home in Europe?

There are 7 clubs in Fifa 22 with an average age of 29 or higher. 2 are national teams (Belgium and China). 2 are Copa Libertadores teams, which means you can’t use them in a career mode save (River Plate Asuncion and 12 de Octobre FC) and the other 2 are in China (Shanghai Shenhua and Qingdao FC).

Except there’s 1 more club. Turkish league team Sivasspor. Of the teams 24 players, 10 are 30 or older, including star players Max Gradel and Faycal Fajr (33 and 32 respectively). Your challenge is basically the antithesis of the Grasshopper Zurich challenge. Build a team of players 30+ and win the Süper Lig and UCL to successfully complete the save.

Your star players have a combined age of 65 but a combined rating of 153, so there are positives amongst negatives

This will have some benefits, such as being able to sign higher-rated players…but also a lot more negatives, like the obvious issue of retirement. Buffon will be your best friend, but players like Mbappe, Foden and Theo Hernandez will, like the FUT Future generations packs, taunt you from across the screen whilst you have to try to win games with an average 37 stamina and 29 pace.

The team itself isn’t half bad to be fair, some nice Sheffield United-esque kits, a nice €5m budget and not much demand in terms of objectives. However, there is one more catch. See, there are some players at the club under 30. Now I’m not going to be awful and say get rid of all of them, but any players 27 and under will have to go. Luckily for you, there are only 3. That’s how either easy or difficult this will really be.

Whilst the team may be old, their stadium isn’t, being built in 2016, opening the season the team got promoted to the top flight, where they’ve been ever since then

Have fun, and just remember that if you complete all 15 seasons, or even 3, you will outstay an entire starting XI. That’s an accolade…right?


Sell all players aged 27 or under
Only sign players aged 30 or older
Win the UCL and Süper Lig to complete the challenge
No financial boosts
Youth academy is surprisingly not allowed to be used, not even for profit

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