A team riddled with bad luck, from double winning French champions, to damaging smacks leaving them sat in the depths of French amateur football. Can you recreate a team so deeply rooted in French history, with no future to really look for?

Another CAC challenge, this time revolving around twice former French champions FC Sète 34. The team won the Ligue 1 title in 1934 and 1939, as well as the French Cup in 1930 and 1934. This meant they were the first ever French team to win the double. However WW2 stopped the league from being played, and after this the club hit its demise, being relegated to the second tier in 1954 before ultimately giving up its professional status and being reformed in the 7th tier of French football. Eventually they achieved 3 promotions in 4 seasons to reach the 4th tier for the 1970-71 season.

The double winning team of 1934, Sète’s fortune since then has virtually vanished

They were then relegated in 1977, promoted again in 1983, and then at the end of the 1988-89 season, they entered administration and were relegated for financial reasons, ultimately restarting again as the club they are today, in Division 3. They stayed at this level until 1997, where they entered administration again, being placed in the 4th division of French football. In 2005, they finished 3rd in the 3rd tier to get promoted to Ligue 2, but this was cut short a season later, and they were relegated back to the 3rd tier. In 2009, the team entered administration for a 3rd time, being sent to the 6th tier of French football. Since then they’ve slowly worked back up the leagues, and experienced promotion as recently as 2019-20, where they were promoted to the 3rd tier, where they sit right now, in 11th place, 3 points above former Ligue 2 team Red Star.

This CAC challenge is to simply recreate what may be the most unlucky team in French football, and bring them back to the title winning memories that may well and truly be buried under decades of misery and misfortune. Using the clubs green and white colours, use a horizontal striped home kit and a solid green away kit to mark the resurgence, whilst playing at the Stade Louis Michel (use Town Park).

The current Sète team and the kit they’re using

Create FC Sète and put them in Ligue 2, with 1 million transfer budget. Give them a green and white badge/kit/stadium design.

Only sign French players for the first season, for the second and third, sign players only from France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Win both the League Cup and Ligue 1 title at least twice, with at least one of these happening in the same season.

Start at Town Park. Upgrade stadium when:
•You’re promoted to Ligue 1
•You have sold a player for more than £/€/$50 million
•You win Ligue 1 twice
•You win the UCL

So yeh, that’s about it. Anyone else feel really sorry for this little team…I know I do.

The city of Sète essentially creates the Étang de Thau, and is dubbed the ‘Venice of France’

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