A save idea that many know of, yet still don't fully understand, the journeyman is a simply complex scenario of twist, turns, ups, downs and moves to leagues you forgot existed, and this guide will show you how to run one

The journeyman save is one that has slowly become synonymous within the career mode community. A chance to explore multiple leagues, teams and players with little need to think of future plans for clubs. This guide will take you through the basic ropes of a save.

Starting nation:
For me there’s only 1 country you can truly start a journeyman save in, and that’s Australia. It’s a simple league with a quick format that lets you ease into a save. The additional factor is Australia is one of the few nations that is almost impossible to get to via job offers, due to the dominating presence of European leagues. Additionally, here, you only really need to focus on the A-League, as the Asian Champions League won’t include your team for another season or 2, and that is why…

Where to next:
After Australia, you should look at other Asian nations, such as China, Japan or Saudi Arabia, or even the newly introduced India. Here you can focus heavily on the league, but more importantly, the first continental trophy you can win. Asian leagues have a more relaxed system, which means you can play about with styles, tactics, and older players.

After this, you may be tempted by South America or Europe, but I have to stress that North America should be a focus. The reason is simply cause you will not get a shot at that continent at all, for the rest of the save. After winning the league in North America, you can shift to South America, win the Copa Libertadores/Sudamericana, and then finally you can go to the big one.

This is it, the final stop on a perfect journeyman save. With 3 continental cups to win, this should be a fun little job. In theory, you could ‘complete’ a journeyman save in 8 seasons. But to be honest, I think it’s better to stretch it out over as many seasons as possible.

And that’s all there is to it. A save that many adore can be set up and worked through by anyone. But nobody can really tell you who to start or finish with, or who to sign and what to win. A journeyman is simply about the journey, man.

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