FIFA has many things appear in the news tab on specific dates, if you don't pay attention you might skip them. This post contains all the dates that you need to remember!

The news feature can often contain fun information that many people either miss or don’t know about. That’s why with the help of Discord user Zeta, we made a list of the most important dates that you need to remember in FIFA 22. These dates are also pretty similar in older versions of FIFA.

Player of the Year
To find out the Player of the Year you have to look at the news tab from the 8th till 13th December. Per season it may differ slightly between those dates. In order to know who are the candidates for the Player of the Year, you need to check the news tab from the 1st till 5th of December.

Mbappé winning Ballon Dor on 12th of December

Team of the Year
In order to know the team of the year there are few dates to remember. The defender shortlist for TOTY will show somewhere between 17-21 of December. Midfielder shortlist will appear between 25-29 of December. The forward TOTY shortlist will appear somewhere between 3-8 January. These players will then appear in the full Team of the Year which appears between 8-15 January. The Manager of the Year will also appear around the same time as Team of the Year.

Season awards
All the seasonal awards, for example the Manager of the Season, will appear after the last match of the season. There is no specific date for this because this is different for every league. This will be the same for the continental trophies like the Champions League.

I hope this post helped you out. This might be slighter shorter than usual but that is because a big post is coming up soon! Make sure to follow our Instagram and Twitter (@CareerMDTips) and also follow @FIFACMTips on all his socials. Any feedback and suggestions can be left in the comments down below.

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