Player Of The Week


This Israeli player has the potential to be bigger, better, and more prolific than any Israeli player has ever been. That's why he is this weeks player to use.

Players to use in FIFA 22
Name: Manor Solomon
Age: 21
Nationality: Israeli
Real Face: No
FIFA 22 rating: 76
FIFA 22 potential: 86

One of only 24 Israeli players in FIFA 22, Solomon has the potential to become the best. Already arriving with a gold rating, you can take this attacking a player to even further heights, becoming the new Yossi Benayoun.

Playing for Shakhtar isn’t an easy feat, this war torn club has been relocated from its original stadium, and placed 16 hours up the road from Donetsk to Lviv, where they have been since 2014. The clubs training facilities are found in Kyiv as well, which means 7 hours of travel are required for every training session and match. This grueling task only amplifying the hidden costs of war.

But back to Manor, he starts the game with a 4* weak foot, 81 pace and 78 dribbling as well as 84 agility and 82 balance, and passing and shooting stats that beg to be bumped up deep into the 80’s. Solomon can play anywhere across the frontline, from RW to CF, to CAM and to ST. Manor is perfect for that new top flight side looking to maintain a foothold in the league, and an added bonus comes from the fact that due to Israel not being a national team, there’ll be no call ups tin work around. It’s just you, Solomon, and a team filled with 37 injuries and red cards.

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