Every year, Brazil has some of the most exciting talents in the world. Whilst it's good that these players get a lot of attention, there are some players that go under the radar. I will show you 5 of these type of players in this post!

If you are doing a Career Mode save with a team that has a limited budget, this post is perfect for you! Brazilian players are always fun to use in FIFA in my opinion and in this post I will show you some players that don’t get in the spotlight very often.

  • Talles Magno – New York City FC

The player that I’m most excited to use after writing this post is Talles Magno who plays for MLS side New York City FC. The Brazilian leftmidfielder is 19-years-old at the start of a new save and is 66 rated with a potential of 84. He is only worth 1,9 million pounds, has 5* skillmoves and 4* weak foot and can play on both wings and in the center!

Key stats:
– 87 Acceleration
– 84 Sprint Speed
– 78 Agility

  • Luis Henrique – Olympique Marseille

You might have heard of this player before, as Luis Henrique had 87 potential in FIFA21, but currently only has 80 potential. He is also just 19-years-old and starts off as a 74 rated player. Henrique can also play on both wings and is 5,6 million pounds. He currently plays for Olympique Marseille, which is a great team to start a Career Mode save with too!

Key stats:
– 86 Acceleration
– 83 Sprint Speed
– 78 Dribbling
– 77 Strength

  • Lincoln – Santa Clara

Lincoln is another fun Brazilian gem to use in this FIFA. The attacking midfielder, who can also play as a central midfielder, is 22 years of age and starts off as a 73 rated player with 82 potential. He also has 4* skillmoves and 3* weak foot and plays for Santa Clara in Liga NOS. Lincoln is valued at 6 million pounds at the start of a Career Mode.

Key stats:
– 84 Agility
– 80 Acceleration
– 78 Dribbling
– 78 Composure

  • Dodo – Shakhtar Donetsk

One player I would highly recommend from this list is Dodo from Shakhtar Donetsk, who was possibly my favourite rightback from FIFA20. Dodo is 22-years-old at the start of a new save, is 73 rated and has 84 potential. He is a rightback, but his stats also suggest that he can play as a right wing-back or as a rightmidfielder. Dodo is worth 5,6 million pounds and has a great name of course!

Key stats:
– 90 Sprint Speed
– 86 Balance
– 85 Acceleration

  • Yan Couto – Braga

Someone who was previously in the City Football Group, as he was a player of Manchester City in the past, is Yan Couto. Couto was first bought by Man City before getting loaned out to Spanish side Girona. The now 19-year-old rightback plays for SC Braga in Liga NOS currently. He starts off with a 66 rating and has 81 potential. He can also play as a right wing-back and as a rightmidfielder, just like Dodo. Couto is worth just 1,6 million pounds.

Key stats
– 82 Sprint Speed
– 81 Acceleration
– 79 Agility

Let us know in the comments if you will buy any of these players in your Career Mode! Don’t forget to follow our CareerModeTips account on Twitter to never miss another post on our website!

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