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When making signings, sometimes you get a searchlist of too many to narrow down. This guide is here to help you figure out exactly what to look for to find the perfect fit.

When you go to make signings in a career mode save, you’ll create a shortlist of all your targets. But the difficulty usually arises of how to eliminate the targets and reduce this list down to 1 perfect player. This article will hopefully be able to help you depending on the position you’re after.

When choosing a full back, you will want to look at certain stats, the major ones being pace and physical. Additionally, you also want to make notes of the weak foot, work rates, and stamina stats of each player as well.

Ideal fullback rated:
<66 = Ronald Hernández (Atlanta)
66-75 = Jorgé Sanchez (Ámerica)
76-83 = Ferland Mendy (Real Madrid)
84+ = Theo Hernández (AC Milan)

Center backs need to be strong defensively and physically. They are key aspects. But in FIFA, pace is becoming a more vital role, and therefore you should focus on that as well. Other smaller stats include strength, interceptions and marking.

Ideal center back rated:
<66 = Siyabonga Ngezana (Kaizer Chiefs)
66-75 = Óscar Mingueza (Barcelona)
76-83 = Presnel Kimpembe (PSG)
84+ = Milan Škriniar (Inter Milan)

The anchors or the pitch, these players need to be great at defending, but also at passing and creating chances. They need to be able to drop back and then go forward at any moment. Focus on passing, defending and physical, as well as vision and stamina.

Ideal CDM’s rated:
<66 = Leonardo Villar (Sport Huancayo)
66-75 = Enzo Férnandez (River Plate)
76-83 = Kalvin Phillips (Leeds)
84+ = Rodri (Manchester City)

Defense, attack, out wide and through the middle, center midfielders are an integral part of a successful team. Some of the most famous all time players utilised this role, from Lampard and Gerrard to Iniesta and Xavi. Usually though, these players need to be immense passers, and nowadays, quick and good finishers too. Again, stamina is a key stat, as well as both passing stats.

Ideal CM’s rated:
<66 = Aldasoro (Real Sociedad B)
66-75 = Daniel Bragança (Sporting Lisbon)
76-83 =  Alexandr Golovin (Monaco)
84+ = Leon Goretzka (Bayern)

Similar to CM’s with less defensive work, and a lot more attacking success. Follow similar plans to the last role, with much more focus on pace,  and added viewings of dribbling stats.

Ideal CAM’s rated:
<66 = Vato Arveladze (Fatih Karamgürük)
66-75 = Luka Ivanušec (Dinamo Zagreb)
76-83 = Dominik Szoboszlai (RB Leipzig)
84+ = Kai Havertz (Chelsea)

The penultimate focus for this article, wingers are a personal favourite of mine. Modern wingers have the capabilities to score and create, with the added bonus of blistering pace and skills. When hunting for a winger, look for pace, weak foot, passing, dribbling and even physical. Some of my best plays throughout Fifa have come from wingers, and there will undoubtedly be many more.

Ideal wingers rated:
<66 = Jonny Smith (Burton)
66-75 = Pedro de la Vega (Lanus)
76-83 = Ousmane Dembélé (Barcelona)
84+ = Neymar Jr. (PSG)

The final position on display here, strikers are a vital thing for any team…seriously, I tried running a team with no strikers, it really doesn’t work. When you’re looking for a striker though, you want speed, finishing and physicality, as well as dribbling and passing as added bonuses.

Ideal Strikers rated:
<66 = Zeki Amdouni (Lausanne Sport)
66-75 = Gonçalo Ramos (Benfica)
76-83 = Diogo Jota (Liverpool)
84+ = Lautaro Martínez (Inter Milan)

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