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So you are stuck trying to decide what team to pick for your next Career Mode? Here is a list of teams that are some great options!

Previously I’ve written a post about a few teams you should try in FIFA 22. That post was pretty well received so I decided to write another post that is similar. This post will contain a few teams that you should try in FIFA 22. Make sure to give them a chance before FIFA 23 and create the future!

FC Nordsjælland

First on the list we have FC Nordsjælland. This Danish team has a great storyline. Basically their average squad age is very young. They focus on the youth academy a lot and have created some great talents in the last few years. Examples are: Kamaldeen Sulemana who left for €15M to Stade Rennais and Mohammed Kudus who left to Ajax for €9M. Some others are Mikkel Damsgaard, Andreas Skov Olsen and Emre Mor. If you are interested in FC Nordsjælland I recommend checking out the challenge that is on this website.


The next on the list is QPR. The London based team has known it’s time in the Premier League, but now sit in the second league of England. The interesting thing about QPR is Kiyan Prince. Kiyan Prince was killed at the age of 15 while being in the QPR academy. If you are interested in his story, make sure to read the post about Kiyan Prince we made on this website. Can you bring QPR back to the Premier League with Kiyan Prince as your main striker? Or do you decide to sign someone else? This is all up to you if you decide to pick QPR.
Extra note: Keep Chair in your squad because this guy is amazing in FIFA. This is all from personal experience.


If you are looking for an RTG, Türkgücü might just be the team for you! What makes this team so interesting, is the fact that the team was created by Turkish immigrants. First introduced in FIFA 21, Türkgücü is a great option for an RTG. They currently sit in the 3. Liga, which is the third division of Germany. For this save I recommend signing mainly Turkish and German players due to their history. Türkgücü is based in München so can you take down Bayern München and win the Bundesliga?

Rayo Vallecano

The biggest team on the list is Rayo Vallecano. While you can argue QPR might be bigger, Rayo Vallecano currently sits in the 6th position in La Liga at the time of writing this post. Which is significantly higher than QPR. So why pick Rayo Vallecano? Well I basically already said the main reason. Rayo Vallecano currently sits 6th in La Liga which is very impressive for a team that just promoted. The team is also fun considering Falcao plays for them. Rayo Vallecano is also fun because of some talents they have like Fran García and Randy Nteka. Basically Rayo Vallecano is a very fun option for your next save.

Hyderabad FC

The last team on the list will be Hyderabad FC. This indian team finds themself in the newly introduced league in FIFA which is the Hero ISL. Hyderabad FC is an interesting choice from this league considering they have a partnership with Borussia Dortmund. The partnership is mainly meant for Hyderabad FC players to learn from Dortmund by watching their training and visiting Dortmund to train with them. In FIFA this ain’t possible, but you can still loan players from Dortmund and sell your talents to them. Maybe become the feeder club from Dortmund and join them in a later stage.

I hope you guys found a new club for a Career Mode save. If you decide to do one make sure to share your experiences in our Discord. Also don’t forget to leave feedback or suggestions in the comments and make sure to follow @FIFACMTips on all his socials.

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