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18 years old kid already took the hearts of the Hajduk Split fans with his ability to play with the ball. He is one of the more promising upcoming Croatian talents - meet Stipe Biuk.

Newest addition to our Players to use in FIFA 22 Series is Stipe Biuk! Every week we recommend you one player that you should try out in FIFA Career Mode. This weeks addition is a promising Croatian winger Stipe Biuk who currently plays in 1. HNL for Hajduk Split.

Career Mode Player to use!
Name: Stipe Biuk
Age: 18
Nationality: Croatian
Real Face: No
FIFA 22 Rating: 69
FIFA 22 Potential: 84

Now not that new club, Hajduk Split who got added into the EA’s FIFA franchise has got many talents approaching the stages of the Croatian and world football. One of them is Stipe Biuk, who happily announced himself to the fans of the Croatian Football League last season.

Stipe Biuk is another very promising football player, his main strengths are pace and dribbling. His dribbling and ball control makes him feel really smooth in FIFA matches as he can dribble past your opponents. His 84 potential, which recently got downgraded from 85, makes him a great player for long term Road to Glory career modes.

Being a 18 year old with some great abilities on the ball and his amazing potential, I personally think Biuk could reach great heights and be one of the top tier players, it’s on him, lets see how he does! Make sure to try him out in Career Mode as he is one of the better talents added to the game this year, good luck!

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