Kings, Queens, and a Royal Football Team Challenge

Many nations round the world are still led by monarchies. Can you build an elitist team with a royalist touch in this new challenge?

Monarchies are a global sight, which, whilst they are receding, still hold a strong presence in day to day lives. Nations such as the UK, Morocco, Denmark, Belgium and Spain all still have monarchies, some with more power than others.

This challenge is focused around taking one of the many monarch based clubs and turning them into an elitist power…by only singing players from the countries with a monarchy. There are a range of clubs to choose from which I will put below, and roughly 45 countries to buy players from, so this shouldn’t be an impossible challenge…but rather one that will make the game just that little bit more interesting.

The teams you can use, and the reasons for them are:
Chelsea- Play on Kings Road

Union Saint Gilloise- Crown in badge

Reading FC- Nicknamed the Royals

Any Spanish team with the prefix ‘Real’ (Real Madrid, Real Vallecano, Real Sociedad)- Real means Royal, and was a name given by the monarch

Piast Gliwice- Named after Piast dynasty

Jagellonia Bialystok- Named after Jagellonia dynasty

Crewe Alexandra-Named after Princess Alexandra

Willem II-Named after King Willem

And as for nations…well the list is long. Really long. There will be a Wikipedia link below, but some countries you can use include:

Spain, Denmark, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Morocco, Sweden, New Zealand, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan and Canada.

All nations in red currently have a monarchy

But that’s the challenge. Win the UCL 5 times (in a row for an extra challenge) to mark 5 successive kings and queens of the Career Mode dynasty.

Only sign players from nations with a monarchy (Wiki link with those nations below)

Win the UCL 5 times to complete the challenge. (5 times in a row as an added obstacle)

Use one of the aforementioned teams to complete this challenge.

List of monarch ran nations: Monarch ran nations

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