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We are travelling to the Costa del Sol for this challenge! We are taking on a fallen giant. Very similar to Nottingham Forest, Malaga had great success but are now stuck in the second division. Can you bring them back to glory?

Málaga CF is one of those clubs that just couldn’t maintain their glory and fell down to the second division of Spain. From being quarter-finalists in the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League campaign to currently being stuck in La Liga Smartbank (second division of Spain). Their glory was mainly a result of new ownership in 2010. In 2010 sheik Abdullah ben Nasser al Thani bought the club and injected a lot of capital in the club. Many rich takeover stories work out great, look at teams like PSG and Man City. Both clubs who managed to gain a lot of glory due to a capital injection. Málaga CF is an example of a club that didn’t get the long term glory they expected.

Abdullah ben Nasser being the new owner of Málaga CF

After that small intro, it’s pretty clear that Málaga’s history hasn’t been flawless. Can you make their future better though? In this challenge you will be taking over Málaga CF as their new manager and try to give them another era full of glory!

The first rule isn’t really a rule, but more of a tip. You can make your own manager if you want to, but there are also some other fun options you can do. Some former players of Málaga CF that are pretty known are Ruud van Nistelrooij, Joaquin, Isco and Santi Cazorla. You could recreate someone like Ruud van Nistelrooij, or you retire as one of the other options and become the manager of Málaga CF.

Intertoto Cup
Málaga CF has won only one continental trophy in their club history. This trophy was the Intertoto Cup, which they won in 2002. The Intertoto Cup was disbanded a few years later. In 2021/22 a new UEFA competition was introduced, the UEFA Conference League. This league is very similar to the Intertoto Cup and it is present in the latest FIFA*! Your goal is to win the Conference League at least once in the save.
*Ignore this challenge if you play an older version of FIFA.

Primera División Champions!
In their history, Málaga CF have never won the Primera División (first league of Spain). Your goal is to have them win their first first league title in the clubs history. If you wan’t to make it even harder, you can win the league as many times as you can.

Castillo Gibralfaro
One of the most famous tourist destinations in Málaga is the castle that sits on top of the mountain. Castillo Gibralfaro looks over the beautiful city of Málaga and is also present in the logo of Málaga CF. In the challenge you will have to build a castle yourself. Not on a mountain, but in your defense. You are not allowed to concede more than 45 goals a season. If this sounds too easy for you, you can go for not more then 40 conceded. Or you make it even harder with not more then 30 conceded. Defensive football is pretty much obligated, or you create your own style that might work wonders. Your creativity is the limit with this. There is no specific punishment for if you fail this rule. You can either do nothing or think of something on your own.

Bullfighting is very popular in Málaga. This tradition means a lot to the citizens of Málaga which happens from April till September. To connect this with your squad, you will have to use bull-like players in your starting XI. To determine what makes a player similar to a bull, we will look at their strength. You will need 2 players in the starting XI with at least 85+ strength. These 2 players will be the bulls of your team.

So, can you bring Málaga CF back to the top? Make sure to leave feedback in the comments. Also join our Discord to share your experience about this save or any other save you are doing. Also follow @FIFACMTips on all his socials.

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