Player Of The Week Talents


Son of Rory, this Man City striker has a legacy to reach, uphold and quite possibly expand to realms unimaginable. He may not be the most appealing signing, but he will definitely be one to check out.

Name: Liam Delap
Age: 18
Nationality: English
Real Face: Yes
Fifa 22 rating: 64
Fifa 22 potential: 85

Son of the Prem throw in king, Liam Delap is a serious prospect for a future legend. Already turning out for Manchester City, Liam has got great stats in Fifa 22, as well as promising abilities in real life.

In Fifa, he boasts starting stats of 76 pace, 65 shooting, 66 physical and an impressive 4 star week foot from day 1. When looking in depth, there aren’t any eye catching figures. Nothing exceeds 80, and his starting value of £1.6m means he won’t be an easy buy for most RTG saves, and at only 64 rated, he wont be useful for any larger clubs…you know I’m really not selling this am I.

Here’s the thing. there are lots of players in Fifa, each one has positives and negatives. Liam Delap has a better potential than a large range of others, and his pace isn’t dreadful, so with the right training, he could be an interesting loan option.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s much I can really do to convince you to buy him over any other striker. Fifa has this funny little habit of producing hundreds of over powered strikers and a handful of over powered defenders. It is your choice for who you pick, but if you want some fun and a storyline…go for Liam Delap.

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