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One of the founders of the English Football League, Notts County are a great team to create with the now not really new feature, create a club. Find out how to create the current Vanorama League participant!

Create a Club has become really popular this FIFA as a newly added feature, with many possibilities to make new fun clubs or bring old historical clubs back to existence. We’ve come up with an idea of creating an existing club which currently isn’t in FIFA, but has historical value in English football – Notts County FC!

Notts County FC is a professional association football club based in Nottingham, England. Founded in 1862, the club is the oldest professional association football club and they’re currently competing in National League aka Vanorama league, 5th tier of English football. Their only major trophy is FA Cup, which sounds insanely good for a 5th tier side.

Nonetheless, their glory comes from the past, way back in 1900s, even 1880s! The club was created back in 1862 and was one of the best clubs back then, which really changed till now. They were a part of 12 clubs that founded the Football League in 1888. Their FA Cup winning season was 1893/94, when they won their first trophy.

The most popular nickname of the club is ‘The Magpies’ which comes from the black and white colour of their home strip. Notts County plays their home games on Meadow Lane with capacity of almost 20,000 people. Their main rivalry is with Nottingham Forest, their neighbours. Apart from the Forest, they also have rivalry with Mansfield Town, Leicester City and Derby County.

After knowing the basic info about the club, lets begin with the point of this article, making The Magpies in Create a Club Career Mode!

  • Club Info

For the club name, we’re going to put the Notts County FC. The nickname of the club is on the list of available nicknames, we can select Magpies. Short name can be set either to Notts, County or even something else, you can choose what you are going to put. Abbreviation are the letters you are going to see on scoreboard during the match. For mine, I’ve set NOT as they are the first three letters of the name.

  • Replacing Teams

For the team you are going to choose to replace them with Notts County, you can choose every League Two side. We’re going to create a scenario where Notts County earned their promotion back in League Two and replace them to an existing club from League Two.

  • Selecting a Rival

As I already stated few of their rivals, the obvious one is Mansfield Town as you cant select teams from other leagues. They are their most famous rivals in League Two and its the most obvious answer, onto the next one!

  • Kit, Crest and Stadium

Our goal for kits, crest and stadium are to make them as close as you can to their real ones, you can change the stadium name to Meadow Lane and select the stadium with 20,000 capacity. You can experiment with the kits and make the ones you like, or you can try and make the ones like I made, lookalikes of their current ones. There are multiple options that look like the County badge, so you can choose between them!

  • Your Squad and Objectives

This is the difficult part of the save, which determines if you are going to try harder in continental competitions, or test your luck in financial world in football. For mine, I went with a young squad and a budget of $1 million. Objectives are quite difficult, but quite fun and realistic as Notts County are struggling a bit with their financial situation. Objectives are Custom: Medium, Low, High, Medium and High for Youth Development. Good luck if you take the board and make a save with Notts County!

Thank you for reading this post! If you have any suggestions on posts we should do next, leave it down below! Be sure to follow FifaCMTips on TwitterInstagram, and YouTube to not miss any other FIFA 22 Career Mode content!

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