Family and football is something that is either a lifestyle or a rarity, and there isnt much of a middle ground. But for this challenge, the former will be used so much more thoroughly than expected. Famous relationships will be tested, and unknown ones brought into the light of day with this Fifa career mode challenge!

Football takes up a large amount of our lives. It affects our mood and can make a bad day great, or a great day terrible. But the one thing football cannot always overtake, is family. You may think Dom Toretto is the one typing this challenge out, and that may be the case…somehow.

But this challenge is about combining the 2. There are 7 teams in FIFA who are family owned. Juventus, FC Sochaux-Montbeliard, Grenada, Watford, Udinese, Stade Rennais and QPR. Your job is to simply take over one of these clubs, who each have varying levels of difficulty.
Juve and Stade Rennais will be the easiest
Then Grenada, Watford and Udinese
And the hardest will be with FCSM or QPR.

All you have to do is take one of these teams to the top of everything revolving the whole team around family relationships. Now this could be with the signing of brothers, such as Eden and Thorgan Hazard, or signing Leroy Fer and Patrick Van Aanholt who are both cousins. There are a surprisingly large number of football families spread out across FIFA, and I will list 10 below if you need some guidance. For the case of YA, every time you get a scout report, if 2 players share the same surname, class them as brothers and sign them up. But this can only be done per scout report, no mixing and matching.

10 football relations to sign:
Eden + Thorgan + Kylian Hazard
Rafinha + Thiago Alcantara
Kevin-Prince + Jerome Boateng
Romelu + Jordan Lukaku
Leroy Fer + Patrick Van Aanholt
Sean + Matty Longstaff
Lucas + Felix Nmecha
Nathaniel +Trevoh Chalobah
Ryan + Steven Sessegnon
Paul + Florentin Pogba

There are plenty more as well to be fair, and with the YA advantage, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Only use one of the 7 teams provided
Sign only family members, use Wikipedia if you’re struggling
Sign at least 2 family members in the same window (eg. Eden+Thorgan in the January window)
Win the top flight title+UCL to complete the challenge
Sign 2 youth players ONLY if they arrive in the same monthly report and share the same surname.
No financial boosts UNLESS you choose FCSM or QPR, in which case give yourself an extra 10 million.

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