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Que si, Que no, Que Luis Sinisterra! The Colombian winger is a very promosing winger currently playing for Feyenoord and already having made a few appearances for the Colombian National Team. So a great option for your Career Mode!

Every week we choose one player that you should use in FIFA 22. This series was previously called Player of the Week. The player that we recommend this week is the Colombian winger Luis Sinisterra. Luis Sinisterra plays for the dutch club Feyenoord and is currently in great form. Scoring both goals in the Eredivisie and the UEFA Conference League. It’s not just goals that he is scoring, he is also giving many great assists.

Career Mode Player to use!
Name: Luis Sinisterra
Age: 22
Nationality: Colombian
Real Face: No
FIFA 22 rating: 77
FIFA 22 potential: 84

Luis Sinisterra is a very promising winger and his FIFA stats don’t suggest anything differently. With his 84 potential he is great for any long or short term Career Mode. His main strengths being pace and dribbling makes him lethal on the wing. His 89 jumping also gives him the ability the scores some headers too, making him great in multiple things.

There are many reasons to sign Luis Sinisterra, and I honestly don’t see why you wouldn’t even try him. His stats make him usable in many areas so what are you waiting for! Just make sure to sing: Que si, Que no, Que Luis Sinisterra, everytime he scores. Since that is currently what the fans of Feyenoord sing when they think of him!

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