Axel Töre. A fictional footballer that is trying to become the best footballer in the world.


Receiving the “Player of the Month” award for August, September, and October, and with his already seventeen goals in only ten league games, pundits were discussing that Axel Töre is well on his way to break Lewandowski’s record of forty-one goals in a single Bundesliga season. Also, for his incredible form last season he has been nominated for the “Player of the Year” award. On the outside things were looking rather spectacular for Axel, however, things weren’t always what they seemed. 

If you were to ask someone close to Axel you would find out that friction between him and the manager was starting to take place. Speculation was that Adi Hütter, M’gladbach’s manager, was putting too much pressure on the youngster to do everything on his own and it was beginning to wear Axel thin. Scary thing is, this is only the end of October, and while still having more than half of the season remaining, this did not spell great things for the pair.

World class players will always shine when given the opportunity to do so. However, when paired with other world class players, both players have an even greater opportunity to shine more. Would this season pose the question, “Is Axel Töre too good for the club he is currently at?” Or would Axel’s level of play be able to bring out the best in his teammates? Some are saying that as a leader it is his responsibility to bring that out of his teammates, while others are saying he can only play at his level and it’s up to his teammates to meet him there.

Currently there hasn’t been any word from Axel on this topic, but we would all assume that he is hearing the rumors that are being spread. And if Axel can hear the rumors, then that would mean that other top clubs in the world are now looking in his direction to possibly be the answer to the question; “What does Axel Töre’s future look like?”

In November things took a dark turn for Axel. After an embarrassing four goals to one defeat to Borussia Dortmund, he would pick up an ankle injury in his next game that would have him out of the squad for at least a month. Although the medical staff would confirm the injury’s legitimacy, rumors began going rampant that Adi Hütter was doing the unthinkable and benching Axel. Speculation was there was a falling out between the pair over expectations and direction of the club’s future. 

Axel had a very hard time being on the sideline especially when his club were being inconsistent with their results. Losing big in the group stage of the Champions League to Manchester City four goals to one, narrowly escaping a defeat in the DFB-Pokal against Leverkusen in extra time, and winning one and drawing one in the league had him uncertain of the success the club would have going forward.

Two weeks into his four week assessment Axel found himself in Hütter’s office discussing how things were going. As the conversation went on he could feel something wasn’t being said directly. He told Hütter, “Look, I’ve always been upfront with you and I would like you to do the same with me. I feel there is some tension here and something that you are not telling me.” 

Hütter had a shocking response that left Axel Töre dumbfounded, “Going forward I no longer see you a part of my plans. You have talent, yes, but I do not want a player with only talent. I want a player that will give everything for the shirt and I feel you constantly struggle with what that truly means. So, I am putting you on our transfer list and I will let you know when offers come in.”

The football world went mad as Fabrizio Romano tweeted out, “A drama filled falling out between Adi Hütter and Axel Töre has resulted in Axel being put on Borussia Mönchengladbach’s transfer list. Details to come soon.” 

Since Axel first went professional at the age of twelve years old he always knew the direction his future was taking but as he left Hütter’s office this would be the first time in his career that he had no idea what the future looked like for him.

Into the new year and he is still being left out of the squad and as you can imagine supporters were not happy about that or the fact that Hütter has placed Axel on the transfer list. M’gladbach’s form has certainly taken a hit as well by falling to fourth place in the league being eights points from the top.

As the transfer window opens in January, Fabrizio begins releasing all sorts of details about Axel and his future. The same clubs that were looking to get him in the summer transfer window are once again trying to woe Axel to their sides. Clubs such as Bayern München, PSG, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Liverpool are all now in a race to get Axel. 

As more and more news begins to release, Axel Töre receives a phone call from a familiar friend, Volker Finke. Finke and Axle as you know go pretty far back in terms of relationship and Finke as a friend had warm words for Axel. Finke shared with Axel that a friend of his was very interested in signing him and bringing him to the Premier League. At the end of their conversation Finke had final words for Axel, “Never forget those words that I once said to you when you were young, as they certainly hold value in this moment.”

Axel’s agent, Robert Schneider had a sit down with Fabrizio and mere minutes after that sit down, Fabrizio shared the news with the world. “Robert Schneider: ‘After what has happened, Axel wants a completely different environment. He is ready to go abroad and really show the football world that he is a world class footballer. He has shown his worth and is patiently waiting for a club that truly believes in his talent to bring him on board. Relationship with the board, staff, and teammates are quintessential for him and outweighs anything else. If that isn’t important to the club then Axle will not join, plain and simple.’”

Finally after so many weeks leading up to this point, Axel would make a statement on where he stands currently. Fabrizio of course would have the details, “Axel Töre: ‘I had a conversation with my long time friend and confidant, Volker Finke. He informed me that a close friend of his was looking to sign me and from there I was able to have a conversation with that manager. After leaving that conversation I knew then and there that I didn’t want to go anywhere else because I felt that this was the manager and club that I have been looking for.’”

A week into the January transfer window and the official “HERE WE GO” came from Fabrizio Romano that Axel was going to sign with Liverpool on a three year deal. A reported fee of £168.5m would make Axel the second most expensive transfer behind Neymar’s £198m to PSG. 

Axel would be making his way to the Premier League which is arguably the best of the best in the football world. Would he find his place and excel or would this nightmarish end to his Borussia Mönchengladbach’s career be the beginning of a downward spiral?

– hiimdray, Axel Töre Story, Career Mode Storytellers.

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