A smaller German side in yet unexplored area for them, can they find a way and make history? Take Union Berlin and find success for another big football club from Berlin!

FC Union Berlin is a professional football club based in Berlin, Germany. The club emerged under the current name in 1966 but its origins can be traced back to 1906 when it was created. In its history, club has only won 2 trophies, German 3. Liga and GDR Cup. The club has qualified to an European competition after many years, is it now time for the Berlin side to shine, let’s find out!

Recently, in season 2020/2021, the club overachieved their objectives and expectations while getting 7th place in Bundesliga and qualifying for 1st ever season of new UEFA Conference League.

Their qualification to Conference League and a season where they overachieved their objective is what makes them a great team to do a save with! Let’s get started and meet the challenges of FC Union Berlin Career Mode Challenge!

Career Settings
“The beginning of all beginnings…”

Game settings for this challenge are quite simple. Choose the hardest difficulty you played on, challenge yourself. For the financial takeover, you can choose between €10 million or just disable it. Disabling it is the harder option, choose wisely, do you want to make it a great challenge for you. You can choose other options by yourself, just make sure you keep Continental Competitions enabled!

Jacek Mencel’s Successor
He scored again! He made it to the top…”

Jacek Mencel is a top-scorer in history of Union Berlin with 66 goals in 118 games. Those numbers doesn’t seem too high if you compare it with some of the other clubs, but it can be really  difficult for an individual to reach. Choose one player who is going to be your goalscorer and who is going to pass Mencel in amount of goals scored for Union Berlin. Would be a bonus if that player is from Poland, just like Mencel!

This Aged Well
“…past, PRESENT, future..”

Let’s try and make something different from those usual signings! As it sounds simple, it really is, only sign players older than 26 years old. Main reason for this part of the challenge is that Union Berlin team mainly has older players who are already established and have their own experience in football. The most famous of them is their forward – Max Kruse.

Repeat the Impossible
They’ve done it! They’ve done it again…”

The title says everything, repeat the impossible. Union Berlin overachieved once, your goal is to repeat their success while fighting against impossible odds and finish top 7 in the league (enough to qualify to continental competition) and maybe even make a remarkable run in DFB-Pokal, who knows…

Known Countries
“…and the newest addition to the squad is…”

This part of the challenge is quite simple and easy to do, but makes your transfer headaches even bigger! Try to co-op with current transfers the club is making. Bring mainly players from Germany and a few players from Netherlands, Poland or even Japan. Be sure to not go too big with talents you are bringing as Union Berlin isn’t a club big talent would choose as their primary destination.

First Ever. First.
“Union Berlin has done it! They’ve won the Conference League…”

As the last part of the challenge, we have winning an UEFA competition, but not Champions League, this time it is Conference League! Lead the Union Berlin to the glory and their first ever European trophy by winning the Conference League. It would be a great double up as it would mean you won first European trophy in club’s history, but have also won the first ever Conference League.

Thank you for reading this post! If you have any suggestions on posts or challenges we should do next, leave it down below! Be sure to follow FifaCMTips on TwitterInstagram, and YouTube to not miss any other FIFA 22 Career Mode content!

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