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The days of Iniesta and Xavi at Barcelona are over. But with the rise of Pedri, the Xavi problems were answered...and now, it seems like the Iniesta situation might have finally got a solution for this wilting Barcelona, with this weeks POTW, Gavi!

Career Mode Player of the Week
Name: Gavi
Age: 16
Nationality: Spanish
Real Face: No
Fifa 22 rating: 68
Fifa 22 potential: 85

This week we have what is possibly the reincarnation of Iniesta. A midfield maestro appearing from La Masia with an aim of dominating La Liga. Barcelona have already started using the 16 year old in a damaged Barcelona squad across the Spanish league, cups and through European affairs, and he has constantly shown signs of talent and a future ti be reckoned with.

In Fifa, Gavi doesn’t boast the most appealing stats at first. Valued at £2.6m, with pace, shooting and physical stats of 68, 53 and 53 respectively, it doesn’t seem like an amazing player to buy off the bat. That being said, he may still be useful for an RTG. However, there also some nice little parts dotted about, such as 82 balance, 75 short passing and 79 agility.

Overall, it’s a matter of opinion. If you want some speed trickster who darts forwards every game, then you may be better off looking elsewhere. But if you want a playmaker who can turn games around in a heartbeat, then Gavi may be the best bet you can ever place in a game that is as casino-esque as Fifa.

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