Are you currently playing a Road to Glory in Career Mode? Then these extremely cheap talents will definitely fit right into your team and help your squad to the top!

If you are currently doing a Road to Glory in FIFA22 Career Mode then this post is for you! I will show you the top 10 cheapest U23 talents who have 80 potential or higher in FIFA22. The prices are noted in both Euros and Pounds!

10. Maksim Paskotski – Spurs

In 10th place, we have Maksim Paskotski from Tottenham Hotspur, who is worth €650K/£559K. He starts off with a 60 rating and has 80 potential and comes from Estonia, which makes Paskotski one of the two Estonian players in FIFA22! The 18-year-old is a rightback and his best attributes are his pace and physicality!

9. Coniah Boyce-Clarke – Reading

Boyce-Clarke is the first and only goalkeeper on this list, with the 18-year-old Englishman being worth €650K/£559K. He starts off as a 59 rated player, but has 81 potential right from the start. Definitely a fun talent to try out in Career Mode this year!

8. Juan David Carabali – Club Deportes Tolima

Carabali plays for Club Deportes Tolima in the Colombian first division and is an 18-year-old Colombian striker who starts off as a 58 rated player and has 80 potential. Carabali is also worth €650K/£559K. His best attributes are his pace and stamina!

7. Eugenio Pizzuto – LOSC Lille

Pizzuto is a Mexican talent for French side Lille who starts off with a 60 rating already and has 80 potential. The 19-year-old defensive midfielder, who can also plays as a central midfielder, is also worth €650K/£559K. Pizzuto’s main attribute is his dribbling!

6. Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty – Toronto FC

Marshall-Rutty is the fastest player on this list with 82 pace from the get go. The 17-year-old Canadian winger, who can play on both sides, is also worth €650K/£559K and plays for Major League Soccer team Toronto FC. Next to his pace, Marshall-Rutty also has quite good balance and agility.

5. José Riasco – Deportivo La Guaira FC

Riasco plays for Venezuelan side Deportivo La Guaira FC who are only playable via the Copa Libertadores/Sudamericana mode. Riasco is just 17-years-old when starting a new Career Mode and is a 58 rated player with 80 potential. The striker from Venezuela is a physical striker who has a good finish on him. Riasco is also worth €650K/£559K.

4. Alex Robertson – Ross County

Alex Robertson is an English central midfielder who plays for Australian side Ross County. The 18-year-old starts off with a 58 rating and has 81 potential. Robertson is also worth €650K/£559K and his main attributes are his pace and passing.

3. Lamare Bogarde – Aston Villa

Lamare Bogarde is worth just €600K/£516K, but is a great centerback to use in Career Mode. The 17-year-old Dutchman can play both at centerback and leftback and starts off as a 58 rated player with 81 potential. Lamare Bogarde is also the brother of Melayro Bogarde who plays for Hoffenheim!

2. Alfie Devine – Spurs

Devine is one of the biggest talents at Tottenham Hotspur at the moment, and the English central midfielder already has 82 potential to back that. He starts off as a 57 rated player, but is just 16-years-old and has plenty of time to grow. Devine can play both as a central midfielder and as a defensive midfielder and is worth just €500K/£430K. A must-buy for any Road to Glory side!

1. Charlie Webster – Chelsea

The cheapest talent in FIFA22 Career Mode currently is Charlie Webster from Chelsea! Webster is a dynamic midfielder, who can play as a central midfielder, but also as a defensive and attacking midfielder. The 17-year-old Englishman starts off as a 56 rated player and has 80 potential. He is worth €450K/£387K, which is a bargain for any side in Career Mode. Webster’s best attributes are his pace, agility and dribbling!

Thank you for reading this post and I hope these players are useful for your Road to Glory Career Mode! Don’t forget to follow me on my TwitterInstagram and YouTube as well to not miss any other Career Mode content!

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