From all it's glory in the past to some big issues in the present. This is what happens to a lot of teams. Can you help these teams out in FIFA 22?

As you know many teams have their glory days, some stay up and some go down. I’ve brought you the sleeping giants challenge. These challenges can take you either a few seasons, or a entire career. For the people that are not aware of the term sleeping giant, let me explain. A sleeping giant is a team that has had a lot of glory in the past, but in the present isn’t as successful.
DISCLAIMER: Some of these teams may not be dying in your opinion, but they are struggling nevertheless.


Barcelona is one of the biggest clubs on and off the pitch, globally recognised by most people. As we all know Barcelona are suffering a massive debt crisis, they currently have well over a billion euros in debt. Spending hundreds of millions on renovating Camp Nou and having ridiculously high wages for mediocre players.

Starting this challenge you will be tasked with fixing the financial problems. You will do this by reducing wages and selling a lot of players. The first transfer window will need to be turned off, this means you will have to use the current squad Barcelona are fielding. All the starting transfer budget will have to be put into the wage budget as you will only be able to sign players from the money you have made from transfer profits and competition prizes. La Masia played a huge role during the golden days of Barcelona, your main scouting locations will be Spain, South America (mainly Brazil) and Northern Africa, the end objective of the rebuild will be to win La Liga consecutively and the Champions League.


Now this is the definition of a dying giant! From the invincible season in 2003/04, to missing out on all European competition. This one won’t be a short one…

During this challenge you won’t necessarily be fixing financial problems or reducing wages, but you will be building the club up to become a football powerhouse again. Arsenal are graced with amazing young talents like: Saka, Martinelli, White, Lokonga and a lot more. Bernd Leno, Arsenal’s best goalkeeper is on his way out in real life, reportedly leaving next summer. Again you won’t be having the summer transfer window. This means that you will need to wait until the winter transfer window or next summer to sell Leno from the club. A lot of Arsenal’s talent is from the UK (mainly England) so England will be one of your scouting locations. You also need to scout in France. The storyline here is that Arsenal are looking for their new Henry. Either bring him from the youth academy or maybe you’ve found a real player that fits this story. The main objective is to win the Premier League, maybe recreate invincibles again. Also try to win the Champions League.

There are also some other teams that have had the same happen to them. You can create your own challenges similar to these ones with them. Some examples are: Nottingham Forest, Saint-Etienne and Kaiserslautern.

Thanks for reading this post! Be sure to let us know which team you will use in Career Mode in the comments below!

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