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Senegal has a habit of producing players that stun the world, from the lumbering tank at the back of Koulibaly, to the tricky fast footed winger of Mané, all the way back to the stone wall fortress of Edouard Mendy. But theres a new kid on the block, and speed, height and finishing may be the missing piece to an African puzzle

Career Mode Player of the Week
Name: Abdallah Sima
Age: 20
Nationality: Senegalese
Real Face: No
Fifa 22 rating: 73
Fifa 22 potential: 86

This week we have maybe the most unknown name of these talents we have shown. At first it was staple names like Stergiou and Doku, but now we delve into the Championship and pull out this Senegalese Speedster.

Sima currently plays for Stoke City, nicknamed ‘The Potters’, who cracked under Premier League pressure and since 2016 have been sitting mid table in the Championship, still striving for a brazen return to the top flight. But Abdallah has more than just pace to account for. At the start of the game he boasts an intriguing 88 pace, accompanied with 74 shooting and 73 physical made up of underlying stats such as 76 finishing, 77 attacking positioning, and 86 stamina. The Senegalese winger also comes tightly wrapped up with a 4 star week foot and high/high work rates, meaning he will attack, defend, score and save you when your full backs go for an early bath.

Starting the game with a £7 million valuation and standing at a lumbering 6’2 means that heading, finishing, running and well…anything is capable by Sima. Think of him as an EFL Adama Traore who can actually score goals. Despite being 74 rated on the wings, he is 76 rated up front, meaning this 86 potential can become something so much sweeter. Senegal and Stoke have a gem, and with your next save, you could too!

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