Grasshopper Zurich are back in FIFA, but can you bring this side bouncing even further into the bright lights of success?

Grasshopper Zürich Challenge

In FIFA, when you go to pick a club, you can view the objectives the club wants you to achieve, and the importance of said objectives. There is 1 team in fifa with a 9 in Youth Development, whilst holding one of the least profitable teams in the whole game. This team is Grasshopper Zurich.

Blue and white flags engulf the stands in the Stadion Letzigrund

This newly promoted Swiss side used to dominate the league, before a shock relegation a few seasons back. But now they’re back where they belong, and they have some stunning kits, donning a blue and white home kit outlined in gold, and a black and deep blue away kit, with both thse kits having an added bonus of no sponser. An average age of 25 isn’t that bad, and the other objectives aren’t demanding. They have some nice players and potentials such as Pušić, Sené and Bolla, who all have 76/75 potentials.

Grasshopper’s trophies are a fairly distant past, but history needs more additions.

But the challenge is much more threatening. Win the Swiss league, win the Swiss cup, and win the UCL, whilst aging the squad backwards. Only sign players younger than 24, sign at least 3 youth players to your 1st team every season, and once a player reaches 28 years old, they MUST be transfer listed and sold the second an offer comes in. This challenge will involve a lot of chopping and changing, and player attachments will ruin your self esteem quicker than a botched save file. So can you get this grasshopper bouncing back? Or will your hopes be shredded by a metaphorical lawnmower…

Only sign players younger than 24
Transfer list all players older than 28, and accept the first offer for them
Sign at least 3 youth players to the first team every season
Win the Swiss league, cup, and UCL in the same season by the end of the save.

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