With Create a Club being a new feature in FIFA. There is much room for new challenge. Here is a challenge that is about Formula 1.

So far on this website we’ve been creating challenges for real clubs. This time around I will be creating a challenge for you that will involve a club that you need to create yourself! I will give you one in-depth challenge about a certain team. At the end of the article I will give you some variants you can also try. So you still have some say in the team you are doing!

MBZ Stuttgart logo* (Made by R4mi)
*This is a concept logo

The team that will be in-depth is MBZ Stuttgart, or Mercedes Benz Stuttgart. In this scenario, Mercedes decided to expand it’s brand and start a football team! Alongside Red Bull teams, they will now be the second company with a F1 and Football team. As the name says, MBZ Stuttgart is situated in the city of Stuttgart in Germany. The reasoning behind this, is because the main office of Mercedes is in Stuttgart. This challenge will have some rules as any other challenge, make sure to follow the rules to have the best experience!

The first rule won’t be a requirement for the challenge, but it is recommended. I recommend to start the save already in the Bundesliga. The main reason for this, is because your rival will be RB Leipzig. If you start in 3. Liga or 2nd Bundesliga, you won’t be able to set this as your rival.

Almost every challenge has a rule about rivalry, this challenge is no different. You will have 1 big rival, and one city rival. Your city rival will be VfB Stuttgart. If you lose to VfB Stuttgart, you will have to bench 1 of your starting XI players for 1 game. Your main rivals will be RB Leipzig. In Formula 1 both Mercedes and Red Bull are currently also rivals. RB Leipzig will be a difficult opponent, that’s why losing to RB Leipzig will probably happen once or twice. Despite it being difficult, the punishment will still be harsh. If you lose or draw against RB Leipzig, you will have to accept the next offer you get for a player. This can be a loan offer for some low player, but it’s also possible that you have to sell your best striker. The same rule applies when you face other Red Bull teams. This will most likely only be RB Salzburg in the Champions League.

George Russell
For non F1 fans, this name probably won’t mean much to you, but let me explain. George Russell is currently a driver for Williams, but will move to Mercedes next season. George Russell is a young English driver who is showing a lot of potential. That’s why you also have to sign a young English talent. This has to be done at the end of season 1. If you start in the Bundesliga, you probably have some money for a real player that’s good. But if you decide to start in a lower league, you will have to use the Youth Academy or sign a low OVR English talent. The talent should be showing great potential, which is 80+ potential. You can check this via websites such as SoFIFA. The player also has to be 23 or under, since George Russell is currently 23.

Create a Club
Because you will be creating your own club, you will have to decide some stuff before starting. Here are some of the settings you need to apply:
– If you start in the Bundesliga, start with 3 stars. This might be low, but it has to be difficult (2nd Bundesliga is 2 stars and 3. Liga is 1 star).
– Squad age has to be balanced.
– Transfer Budget has to be €50 million because Mercedes is a rich company (€10 million in 2nd Bundesliga and €5 million in 3. Liga)
– Board expectations can be anything you like.

World Champion
Lewis Hamilton has won a lot in his life, most of those things were with Mercedes. While Mercedes are very successful in Formula 1, they haven’t proven anything in Football. This is where you come in. Your end goal will be to win 3 Bundesliga titles in a row. Alongside winning the Bundesliga, you also have to win the Champions League twice and the DFB Pokal at least once. These are the requirements, but the more the better. Mercedes likes to win and you need to help them accomplish that.

Lewis Hamilton winning his 7th World Championship
(Photo by Dan Istitene – Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images)

Other Options
This is the challenge for MBZ Stuttgart. Mercedes isn’t the only Formula 1 team. There are many possibilities where you can create a Formula 1 team in FIFA 22. With the help of Discord user Barenko we’ve come up with a few more F1 teams that you can create in FIFA 22.
– Alpine Chamoix: Chamoix is a big city near the Alps, a great city for Alpine to base their football team in.
– Alfa Romeo Como: For Alfa Romeo any city in Italy works, you can also base them in Zürich and play with them in the Swiss League.
– Ferrari Modena: Ferrari is based in the town of Maranello, which doesn’t fit as a name. Modena is the name of the province it’s based in.
– Haas Charlotte: You can create a team in the MLS around Haas, because they are from the USA originally.
– You can also create other English teams like: Williams Oxford or McLaren Surrey.
There are a few other options, but anything is possible with your own imagination.

I hope you liked this post. If you decide to try this challenge or any of the other options, make sure to share your experiences on the FIFACMTips Discord. Also make sure to follow FIFACMTips on his socials! And thanks again to Barenko for helping me out on this one.

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