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Well-known Belgian winger from Rennais have been recently stepping up his game a lot and recieved huge potential in FIFA 22. Jérémy Doku is a great asset to have on your team in the new FIFA!

Career Mode Player of the Week
Name: Jérémy Doku
Age: 19
Nationality: Belgian
Real Face: No
FIFA 22 Rating: 77
FIFA 22 Potential: 88

The newest addition to our POTW Series is a young Belgian player and a big talent – Jérémy Doku! Doku is well-known to followers of French Ligue 1 as he is one of the biggest prospects of the league!

Jérémy Doku is currently playing for Stade Rennais in the French league after getting a move from the RSC Anderlecht team in season 2020/21. The Young winger has recently really stepped up his game as he also started playing for Belgian National Team. An amazing achievement for a 19-year-old!

Jérémy Doku is a right-winger with a perfect amount of pace. His pace and dribbling stats are a great asset to have when facing tougher defensive teams. Rating of 77 makes him great for a starting place in a mid-table team in 1st tier. Considering his huge 88 potential, young Doku can reach insane heights and be one of the best wingers in the game!

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