Many people know the story if AFC Wimbledon and how they are rivals with MK Dons. But this time we make our story with the villains.

MK Dons, or Milton Keynes Dons FC, got this name after it changed from Wimbledon FC. Because of their owner, Wimbledon FC moved from London to Milton Keynes. From London to Milton Keynes would be around a 1 hour and 40 minute drive, so that was a big set back for the Wimbledon FC fans. In 2002, after the location move, Wimbledon FC fans already started a new team called AFC Wimbledon. AFC Wimbledon would stay in London and basically replaced Wimbledon FC for many fans. The logical thing now would be is to do a AFC Wimbledon Career Mode, but this one is different. This time you are not on the right side of history, but on the so called villains side.

So this Career Mode you are the more disliked team. The team that was created because an owner didn’t listen to their fans. A team that moved locations like it was nothing. A team who’s future is now in your hands! Follow these rules while making the future and make MK Dons a big name in England.

MK Dons fans showing a banner towards AFC Wimbledon fans

As in most challenges, there is a rivalry. This one is pretty obvious, it is AFC Wimbledon. But because you are the villains, you have to not only beat them, but also destroy them! Every time you face AFC Wimbledon. Make sure to play aggressive tackling football. Not only that, but also make sure to beat them hard. For every win where you scored 3 or more goals, nothing happens. But every time you don’t manage to score at least 3 goals, you have to spin a wheel (also if you draw or lose, even if you score 3 goals). The options for the wheel will be the ones from the Storylines to use in Career Mode post, click here to go to that post. Some of these options aren’t really a punishment, if that’s the case, you are just lucky.

Beat giants
Wimbledon FC was the first non league side at the time, that managed to beat a top flight side away. Your goal is to beat every top flight side when you play them away. Create a streak and slaughter giants in their own home. If you lose against a top flight side in an away match, you have to put 1 of your starting XI players on the bench for 3 matches. This rule doesn’t apply anymore once you reach the top flight, which is the Premier League.

MK Dons have only been in the EFL Championship once, which was in the 2015-16 season. This season they finished 23rd and got relegated immediately. One of your goals is to avoid this from happening and once you promote to the Championship, you can never go back to League One. If this happens, you lost the challenge. This might not seem hard, but with the right difficulty this can be very tricky.


The known villain Thanos

Thanos’s 50%
One of the most famous villains in recent years is Thanos. Thanos was the main villain in the movies: Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game. Thanos wiped out 50% of the entire universe. Your job is to wipe the competition away with having 50% more goals then the 2nd spot in the league and finish above them too. It doesn’t matter what season you do this in, but the save isn’t finished before you complete this task.

Avengers: End Game
The End Game in this story won’t be the same as in Avengers: End Game. This time the villain will win! By win I mean win everything. The challenge is finished once you won the quadruple. This means you need to win the Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League and Carabao Cup. And this all in one season. Community Shield is not necessary, but can be a fun added bonus. This with the Thanos’s 50% rule will determine wether your challenge is finished and accomplished.

I hope you guys like this type of challenge, it’s something different and I wanted to see if you guys like this. Please leave feedback in comments and if you don’t like it, you can tell me too. If you decide to do this challenge, make sure to share it on the FIFACMTips Discord! Also don’t forget to follow @FIFACMTips on his socials!

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