One of the biggest sports clubs in Germany have recently got relegated in 2nd tier of German football after more than 25 years! Can you challenge yourself and bring first tier football back to the Schalke fans?

FC Schalke 04 is a professional football and a multi-sports club in Germany. It is one of the most popular football teams in Germany, having won multiple trophies including 7 Bundesliga titles and 5 German Cups. The club has more than 150,000 members which puts them at the fourth spot for the largest sport clubs in the world and second in Germany.

Despite all of that, the club has struggled a lot in last few years, with relegation being the result of that. Before the crisis, in 2014, the club had great finances and weren’t facing any type of debt. In 2020, Schalke’s debt was reported as €217 million due to COVID-19.

With their crisis and a story of a fallen giant, Schalke has to be one of the best teams to do Career with in FIFA 22. Reviving the giant must be a fun thing to do! Let’s get onto the challenges!

Hardest Season
“After club got relegated, many talents left the club and left the club with small budget…”

Many Schalke talents left the club (including McKennie, Serdar, Kabak…) as Bundesliga 2 isn’t the league you dream of playing in. In front of you is one of the hardest seasons in clubs history, as the club have only brought in free agents and many players left. Not that great financial situation leaves you with only €5 million to spend in the first season which means you need to work with players that are already at the club to get back in the Bundesliga in the first season. Good luck!

Talent Production
“They have always had talent around them! They have been one of most talented groups…”

FC Schalke is known for talents they produced, great examples are Manuel Neuer, Mesut Özil and Leroy Sane in recent years. Continue with the clubs path of producing young talents either through your academy or buying them for a cheap price. Scout in Germany, Turkey and Austria. The talents you produce will be your main players, some of them will probably be sold for money, but your team will be based or built around those players as you progress in your save. Make sure to produce at least 2 youth academy players per season and give them a chance in a few matches.

Financial Reconstruction
“After getting into the debt, the club is trying to reconstruct their finances…”

Great finances and a great support from fans is what made the club the giant it is today, so your goal is to renew the legacy and build the team again, but also getting the team out of financial trouble. Make profit every season, this includes transfers, if you get €50 million, make sure not to spend all. The second goal is to get the club out of debt by getting a lot of profit – you have to receive at least €200 million of profit through your journey in order to get out of debt.

New Dutch Hunter
“The biggest defeat of all – losing a legend…”

In the last transfer window, Schalke lost Klaas-Jan Huntelaar who left club as a free agent. Huntelaar was the club’s 2nd topscorer behind Fischer with 128 goals for the club. Huntelaar played 249 matches at his time at the club, it will be tough to replace him! Your objective is to find a striker who will be Huntelaar’s replacement, preferably a Dutch like him. Your new striker will be your main goalscorer and you need to keep him till you complete your last challenge, keep reading to find what it is! Make sure that the player of your choice scores at least 15 goals every season.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

Dortmund Rivalry
“With club getting relegated, the club from Dortmund is winning the Revierderby..”

The well-known rivalry between Schalke and Borussia Dortmund has suddenly fallen due to the relegation of the Schalke squad. Make sure to show the strength of your squad by winning in every Revierderby you play against Dortmund. If you draw or lose, you have to use a storyline you get from the wheel from our storylines post. In an occasion where you lose to them by two or more goals, you have to sell one of your starting 11 players next transfer window. So you better play good in those derbies!

First time European Champions
“And they’ve done it! They won the Champions league!”

What would a Career Mode challenge be without this part? The simplest of all, but yet the hardest challenge to complete – win the Champions League trophy with your Schalke squad for the first time in club history! FC Schalke has never won the Champions League, so make sure to bring the trophy to the fans who supported you!

Thank you for reading this post! If you have any suggestions on teams we should do next, leave it down below! Be sure to follow FifaCMTips on TwitterInstagram, and YouTube to not miss any other FIFA 22 Career Mode content!

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