Player Of The Week Tips


Gonçalo. Most would think of Guedes. But there is a different Portugese player to be reminded of now. This weeks POTW. Gonçalo Ramos.

Career Mode Player of the Week
Name: Gonçalo Ramos
Age: 20
Nationality: Portugese
Real Face: No
Fifa 22 rating: 72
Fifa 22 potential: 86

This weeks POTW is the Benfica talisman Gonçalo Ramos. Born on the 20th of June 2001, Gonçalo enters FIFA 22 with a 72 rating and a joyous 86 potential. The Portuguese striker already has an enticing card, with 81 pace and 83 physical smoothly rounding off a 4* week foot.

Playing in Liga NOS, Ramos will be up against some of Europes strongest teams, including previous UCL winners Porto and current title holders Sporting Lisbon, who went almost all of last season unbeaten, until, funnily enough, a 4-3 defeat to Benfica themselves. Benfica are still a Portugese powerhouse though, and with this new talents arrival, you can either replicate this success now fading, or maybe rather…steal the young forward from under Benfica’s nose, and adapt him into a lethal finisher whose name is jumbled among the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Lewandowski and Benzema!

No matter what path you will take with a career mode save, with just a €7m euro price tag, Gonçalo is a must buy in a league of talent!

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