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Sometimes you dont want to spend an eternity working on one save, sometimes you get bored and need to pass some time. This is the guide to use, a small handful of simple 1 or 2 season challenges available for anyone

Sometimes in FIFA, you don’t want to build a team from the ground up, maneuvering through 15 seasons of promotions and relegations. Sometimes you want a quick save, just to waste a weekend on a simple task to distract from the awful weather outside.

That’s what this post will be about. A few small 1 or 2 season challenges that you can blitz through without being worried about realism or time frames, just buy, sim and win!

Taking you across the leagues, I will provide you with 3 simple challenges you can do!

1) MLS
The MLS is one of my personal favourites, it’s a simple format with few cup matches being littered midweek, and with all the teams being somewhat even, it means that the league can end in any way and not be that much of a surprise. There’s no promotion or relegation, no threat of a continental cup spot, it’s just you, your team, and a handful of others spread across the US and Canada. Simply pick any of the teams, and try with the league in the aforementioned time frame, and with a bit of added difficulty, maybe only sign players from South America or European players aged 30+.

2) Serie A dominance
Serie A has been dominated by Juventus for quite a long time, with Inter’s Scudetto breaking a terrifyingly long succession of league wins. But can you make sure Juve don’t bounce back as quickly, and win the Serie A title again with another side.
The obvious options are Lazio, Roma, Napoli, Inter or AC Milan, but you can also test yourself and try Fiorentina, Atalanta or Sassuolo? For an added challenge, try do this whilst only signing Mediterranean players, from nations such as Greece, Italy, Egypt, Morocco and Spain.

3) Money may actually buy happiness
This final challenge may be the most entertaining. Pick any team in Europe. Give yourself a 500 million transfer increase…and go ballistic. Sign anyone you want, build a team, and storm through everything including the UCL. For when you really want to win without the struggles, some call it cheating, others call it fun!

If, for some reason you want it to be difficult, then only buy players from nations outside the FIFA 22 top 9, which are: Argentina, Brazil, England, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, France and Italy.

Overall though, these challenges are here as a way to relax, not push yourself to the brink of anger. Feel free to alter the rules, nobody will stop you, after all, EA Sports….it’s in the game.

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