Player Of The Week Tips


The Italian youngster from Sassuolo has had a significant potential increase in FIFA 22! This makes him this week's player of the week!

Career Mode Player of the Week
Name: Giacomo Raspadori
Age: 21
Nationality: Italian
Real Face: No
FIFA 22 rating: 74
FIFA 22 potential: 88
Height: 5’8 or 173 cm

In FIFA 21 not many people knew about Raspadori. Raspadori wasn’t really that special. With only 78 potential he was too bad for most Career Mode players and people avoided the challenge to use him. The now 21 year old striker got a big increase in potential on FIFA 22 with a +10 upgrade. With now 88 potential Raspadori is one of the biggest talents in FIFA 22. I assume the reasoning behind this, is his appearance in the EURO 2020 earlier this year. While he only played 12 minutes, he still managed to show himself to the world.

Raspadori can be used in many different types of saves. You can either buy him as a super sub at any big club. Or you make him your starter striker at a slightly smaller club. With his pretty decent pace he is amazing to build on, and can be one lethal striker. With FIFA 22 being slightly slower gameplay wise, Raspadori is still a great option because of his passing stats. This means that no matter what style of football you play, Raspadori is always a good option!

Giacomo Raspadori currently plays for the Italian side Sassuolo. Sassuolo has in recent years developed a good amount of talents, Locatelli being the biggest one. In the 2012/13 season Sassuolo promoted to the Serie A for the first time in their history, and in less then 10 seasons they already manage to show them self to the world. In the 2015/16 season they even managed to qualify for the Europa League.

It doesn’t matter what your plan is with Raspadori. You can either use him at Sassuolo or buy him for your own club. Anything is possible, but in every scenarion Raspadori is a great pick. Make sure to share your experiences with him in our Discord. Make sure to leave suggestions for the next POTW in the comments. And last but not least, don’t forget to follow @FIFACMTips on his socials!

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