After promoting their first time in club's history, can you get Brentford to the top and win trophies with them?

For the first time in the club’s history, Brentford managed to get promotion to the first division of English football, the Premier League. From starting in 1889 at amateur level, to being at the highest level. This is quite the achievement and it means a lot to the fans of Brentford. Can you keep Brentford in the Premier League?

Brentford lifting the Championship playoffs trophy!

Before giving you the rules for this challenge, let’s learn some more about the club. Brentford can be described as a club that does something called Moneyball. Moneyball is a term used for clubs that aren’t paying for good players, but buy cheap players and sell them once they are worth more. Some great examples of this are Ollie Watkins and Saïd Benrahma. Ollie Watkins joined the Bees (Brentford’s nickname) for a fee of €7.2 million from Exeter City and selling him 3 years later for €34 million. Saïd Benrahma joined for a fee of €1.7 million and left for €23.1 million to West Ham. This shows that Brentford are great in developing talents and this is the part where you come in!

Note: If you do this challenge in FIFA 21 or previous FIFA’s, make sure to move Brentford to the Premier League!

The first rule for the challenge has something to do with Moneyball. Your job is to keep this vision going and buy cheap to then sell high. This means that you won’t be able to build a good squad and win the Champions League in 4 seasons. Make sure that you don’t lie to yourself and just sell when you get a good offer.

Premier League Champions
As this is the first time for Brentford in the Premier League, it’s pretty obvious that they have never won the title. Your job is to win the title with Brentford. Because of the Moneyball rule it will be harder to win the league, so try to win the league within 8 seasons. But once you win the league make sure you win it another 2 times before you hit the 15 seasons mark (end of a Career Mode save).

London having many football clubs!

Another London Club
Brentford is one of many clubs in London, meaning there are many city rivals to conquer. A rival that you have to win no matter what are the games against Fulham. While Fulham is relegated, you might still have to play them after a few seasons or in cup games. Make sure you win every single game. If you draw, keep your highest rated player on the bench for 1 game. If you lose, keep your highest rated player on the bench for 3 games. Make sure you do it in the games after your loss. You CAN’T chose the games yourself where you bench the certain player.

Matthew Benham
Matthew Benham is the owner of Brentford, and also the owner of the Danish club FC Midtjylland. Brentford therefore has a good relationship with the Danish club and so you have to make sure to do some business with them. Overall, Brentford has a lot of Danish players, so make sure that the starting XI has 2 Danish players in at all times. If one of them gets injured you need to find another Danish player who can play instead.

Wage limit
This final rule doesn’t have something specifically to do with Brentford, but is a challenge I added myself. Many times I see Career Mode players just up the wages like it’s nothing, that’s why this rules prevents that. The board don’t want you to spend too much money on wages, and keep the salaries low. That’s why in the first 3 seasons there is a maximum wage limit that a player can earn. The limit you will have till the end of season 3 is €35.000 (£30.000). This means you can’t offer a higher salary then €35.000.

These are all the rules for the Brentford Career Mode Challenge. Can you keep Brentford in the Premier League? Make sure to share your experiences on our Discord server. If you have any suggestions or questions, leave them in the comments down below!

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