Overall Rating of players in FIFA Career Mode grow as seasons go on. But up to how much depends on potential player has.

Every experienced FIFA Career Mode player knows about potential, but what exactly is it? As a thing, it only exists in Career Mode and not in other game modes. Potential is one of the main mechanics in FIFA Career Mode as it helps to keep the game interesting and not be repetitive. If player stats remain the same, the game would become boring and blank as it also wouldn’t be realistic.

Potential is sort of a guide for the game on how much every player can grow, for example, Odsonne Edouard starts as 75 rated player, but his potential allows him to grow up to 84 in several seasons.

Basic Information

At the beginning of Career Mode, each player is given their potential which determines the growth speed (how fast player should grow) and up to how much they can actually grow. As I already said, it serves as a guide, which means not every player will reach their full potential and be a great player.

There are lots of different things that can affect the player’s growth and be a reason why the player doesn’t grow up to their potential. If a player is playing, is in a good form, and has a good amount of training, he will most likely reach his potential. But if there are Injuries, bad form, less or even no training, and lack of playtime, a player will fail and won’t be as successful in reaching his potential.

Dynamic Potential

One of the best additions in the big system of all potentials is the Dynamic Potential. Dynamic Player Potential was a new addition in FIFA 20 and it added much more variety to the game. Dynamic Potential is much more powerful in your club, as you can not only grow a player’s rating, but you can make the player’s potential higher. It also can work the other way, if a player doesn’t train and get playtime, the potential can go down. Dynamic Potential is mainly triggered by great performances, which means that the player who had a fantastic season would get a potential upgrade next season.

Dynamic Potential mainly affects younger players and helps in their development, but can also be very helpful in delaying the decline of an older player. Remember, chances of it affecting are much lower, but you can make them higher by getting the older player in a great form and have great morale.

Player Status

Player statuses in squad hub are very helpful in finding player’s potential.
Players under age of 21 have a special status . There are two types of statuses. Statuses for potential and also the basic ones for rating, traits etc.

Here are two tables to help you recognize player statuses and what they mean!

Player StatusPotential
“At club since”79 or below
“Showing Great Potential”80-85
“An Exciting Prospect”86-90
“Potential to be Special”90+
Player StatusMeaning
“Has That Special Something”Player with Flair Trait
“One Of The World’s Best90+ Rating
“A Leader Of Men”Player with Leadership Trait
“A Great Veteran”Player aged 36+ with 80+ OVR
“A Player For The History Books”Player aged 36+ below 80 OVR
“A Great Showman”Player with Skilled Dribbler Trait
“Retiring End Of Season”Player is retiring at the end of the season

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you’ve enjoyed it and found something new about FIFA Career Mode. Check out our other posts for more useful tips, challenges and guides for FIFA Career Mode! You can also join our Discord server and share your Career Mode experience with us!

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