Swiss prodigies are a limited sight in FIFA. But this Swiss defender playing for the Espen is a steal, snatch, and sight to behold, which is why he is the Player of the week

Career Mode Player of the Week
Name: Leonidas Stergiou
Age: 18
Nationality: Swiss
Real Face: No
Fifa 21 Rating: 67
Fifa 21 Potential: 86
Predicted Fifa 22 rating: 69
Predicted Fifa 22 potential: 86

A FIFA career mode icon, for the last 2 or 3 FIFA installments, Stergiou has been a staple of cheap prospects that flourish into world beaters, and with dynamic potential available, it makes the Swiss defender that much more enticing. Standing at 5’11, he isn’t the tallest of defenders, but his usability in the game makes all other issues seemingly vanish.

Whether bought for an RTG save, or in the January window of your 5th season after you forgot to renew your own centre backs contract, Stergiou will prove his usefulness time and time again. Born after quite a lot of career mode players themselves, in early 2002, he could be present for all 15 seasons of a career mode save, displaying his strength, speed and defensive prowess the entire time.

Leonidas currently plays for Swiss side St. Gallen, who’s last European adventure was only last season, where they were knocked out in the 3rd qualifying round by Greek side AEK Athens. This for most would allow the realism aspect of career mode to kick in, and a move away to be more appealing to those who like stories in their saves.

But no matter what your saves are structured as, whether you switch clubs faster than Zlatan Ibrahimović, or try to work yourself up through the depths of the EFL to the glory of the UCL, Leonidas Stergiou is a must buy defender for everyone.

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