Doing a save in the second tier of Germany but don't know who to sign? Don't look any further: 11 different players you should sign when playing in the 2. Bundesliga!

You are currently in the 2. Bundesliga and you don’t know who to buy. Most of us have been at a point where they don’t know who to buy. That’s why I made a list of 11 players who would fit in a starting XI in the 2. Bundesliga. The players listed could be a great addition to your team and could help your team promote to the Bundesliga! I tend to make these as realistic as possible, but not every transfer is realistic for every team because of a rivalry for example. All the players listed are also available in Season 1! (You can also sign these players in different saves of course)

HSV players celebrating a goal in the 2. Bundesliga

DISCLAIMER: This post is written before the launch of FIFA 22. So some overall and potentials might be changed.

GK – Marco Hiller: 68 OVR – 76 POT
First we have the goalkeeper! The goalkeeper in this squad is Marco Hiller. Hiller currently plays in the 3. Liga (3rd tier of Germany) at 1860 München. Being that Hiller is in a lower league than you, makes the move quite realistic. Hiller starts at a 68 overall and has 76 potential. At this stage potential doesn’t say much because he will be affected by Dynamic Potential once you require him to be better. Hiller is pretty tall and has good reflexes, so he can be a great goalkeeper for your save!

LB – Kai Wagner: 73 OVR – 76 POT
In the left-back position we have Kai Wagner. The 23 year old left-back currently plays for Philadelphia Union in the MLS. Something that makes Kai Wagner a great pick is the real face that he has in game. Kai Wagner isn’t the most pacey left-back but he can still make great runs for you! Again not the highest potential but his overall makes up for it!

CB – Patric Pfeiffer: 65 OVR – 79 POT
In the first center back position we have Patric Pfeiffer from SV Darmstadt. With his height of 6’5 (or 196 cm), Patric is a great defender to have. Patric his stats aren’t the best at the start but after a season or two he can become one of the best in your team!

CB – Alexis Duarte: 68 OVR – 80 POT
Alexis Duarte is one of 4 non-German players in this list. Alexis currently plays for Cerro Porteno in Paraguay. With Patric Pfeiffer being so tall you need a defender next to him who is a little bit more agile and fast. With Alexis you get a player like this. While Alexis is still not that fast, he is still very good with his defensive awareness.

RB – Julian Araujo: 67 OVR – 80 POT
In the right-back spot we have Julian Araujo from LA Galaxy. The American is known as one of the bigger talents at LA Galaxy and with his 20 years of age he is a great talent to have in your squad. Araujo, compared to Wagner, is more of a dribbler. While not being pacey he can still make dribbles forward.

CM – Finn Ole Becker: 67 OVR – 79 POT
Finn Ole Becker is a central midfielder from St. Pauli. Finn Ole Becker is a great box to box midfielder with great stamina and speed. With his 79 potential he can grow to a very big name in Germany in a few seasons and with Dynamic Potential he can easily grow to an 85+ rating. Only downside is his finishing but this can be trained and improved!

CM – Dennis Dressel: 66 OVR – 77 POT
The second central midfielder on this list is Dennis Dressel. Dennis currently plays for 1860 München in the 3. Liga. Dressel is very special because he can play in many positions. He is a very good all-rounder and can fit in anywhere if needed. He can also score some great long shots for you!

CAM – Yari Otto: 63 OVR – 74 POT
On the CAM position we have a controversial one. Yari Otto is by far one of the worst players on this list when it comes to overall and potential, but hear me out. With Dynamic Potential Yari Otto can easily grow into one of the best players in your team. He is very agile which makes him great on the CAM position. He can outplay any defense and create some amazing chances for you. He does need training in some aspects but if you can look through that he can be a game changer.

LW – Osame Sahraoui: 65 OVR – 80 POT
Osame Sahraoui is a Norwegian talent from Vålerenga. If you like agile players, you will like Osame. In FIFA 21, Osame has 90 agility and 91 balance, which makes him insane in tight scenarios. Osame is also quite fast which makes him a great all-round winger. He can also be used in the RW position because he is right footed, but I recommend to play him on the left and cut inside with him.

ST – Dennis-Yerai Eckert Ayensa: 69 OVR – 74 POT
Eckert Ayensa is an amazing striker for any club in general. The Spanish German can score from any position and is just all-round amazing. Very versatile with great strength and speed. If you could only choose 1 player from this entire list I’d recommend Eckert Ayensa the most. If you like scoring goals, you will like Eckert Ayensa!

RW – Reliano Reijnders: 64 OVR – 78 POT
The last player on this list is Reliano Reijnders from PEC Zwolle. The Dutch winger is a very fast winger who can out run most defenders. Even though his crossing could still use some work, he is a great option to have on the right wing. With just 20 years of age, Eliano is a great prospect for the future.

This was my list of 11 players you could buy in your 2. Bundesliga save. Make sure to share your experiences with us on the FIFACMTips Discord. If you have any suggestions or feedback leave them behind in the comments. Also make sure to check out the other posts on the website!

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