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Young Croatian who failed to perform in Everton, but proved himself in Russian CSKA Moscow. Now in West Ham for his 2nd try to perform in Premier League. Future of Croatian football on both the field and in FIFA Career Mode!

Career Mode Player of the Week
Name: Nikola Vlašić
Age: 23
Nationality: Croatian
Real Face: Yes
FIFA 21 Rating: 80
FIFA 21 Potential: 86

Predicted FIFA 22 Rating: 80
Predicted FIFA 22 Potential: 87

After Milot Rashica, our second Career Mode Player of the Week is Nikola Vlašić. The younger brother of Blanka Vlašić, who is a former Croatian two-time world champion and double Olympic medallist in high jumping. Coming from a well-known sports family in Croatia, Nikola made the starting 11 in the Croatian National Team and was chosen as the best player in the Russian Premier League for 2020.

With 33 goals and 22 assists in 108 matches and stunning performances in CSKA Moscow, the Croatian attacking midfielder created 60 more goal chances than any other player in the Russian league in his time at CSKA. Amazing performances brought him a new chance in the Premier League.

Vlašić made his biggest career transfer going to West Ham this summer for €30 million. The promising attacking-midfielder is joining West Ham and is coming back to impress in the Premier League after his time at Everton in 2017 where he played only 12 matches. East London’s side is climbing their way up in Premier League hunting for success, finishing 6th last season, the team with hunger for winning is looking to improve their squad and reach top 6 in Premier League once again. Will Vlašić, who is brought from CSKA Moscow, be able to prove himself to be of great benefit to West Ham? Will he reach the starting line-up and be a key player under David Moyes, we’re still to find out. Vlašić’s transfer brings a great chance to use the young attacking-midfielder with great passing and playmaking abilities in FIFA Career Mode.

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