FIFA 22 has many teams to choose from for your Career Mode, but what team should you definitely give a try?

As usual, the new FIFA game is going to have some new teams introduced to the FIFA franchise. With so many teams in FIFA 22, it’s hard to choose one specific team. That’s why I made a list of teams that could be a great Career Mode for you in FIFA 22! Before I give you the teams, I want to say that any team can be fun. The key to a fun team isn’t usually the team itself, it’s how you treat it. Try to really get invested in the team you are using instead of treating it as just another team. Now that I made this clear, let’s give you the list!

UD Ibiza

UD Ibiza is one of many new teams added into FIFA 22. UD Ibiza is based on the island of Ibiza and managed to promote to the Segunda División (Second tier of Spain. UD Ibiza started in 2015 which means they are a very young team, they are seen as the successor of SE Eivissa. SE Eivissa was declared bankrupt in 2010. With being such a young club, there isn’t much history to read into, but a lot of possibilities for the future. Will you shape the future of UD Ibiza into one of the Powerhouses in Spain, or does UD Ibiza have to wait a little bit longer before success?


This one here might be a little bit biased, because I support Feyenoord myself. But before judging this choice please here me out. Feyenoord has been FIFA since the first FIFA ever, FIFA Soccer ’95. So what makes Feyenoord special? Feyenoord has a rich history of trophies and is part of the big 3 in the Netherlands, but in recent years it’s mainly PSV and Ajax being talked about when it comes to title contenders. Feyenoord has had a lot of changes compared to FIFA 21. That is the main reason why I think Feyenoord is a great pick for a FIFA 22 save. If you want something added to the save, check out the Feyenoord challenge post I made!

Sutton United

Sutton United is also a new team in FIFA 22. Last season Sutton United got promoted from the Vanorama National League to EFL League Two, meaning they can now be found in FIFA 22. Sutton United is a very old club that started in 1898, very different compared to UD Ibiza. Sutton United not only makes this list because it’s a new team in FIFA 22, but also because it’s a club that’s sometimes called the ‘giant killing’ club. For example they had beaten Coventry City in 1988/89 when Coventry City was a team with big players. And in 2016/17 they managed to beat Leeds United and advanced to the 5th round of the FA Cup, which was very big for a club that was in the Vanorama National League. Can you beat some giants with Sutton United and becoming one yourself?

Hearts of Midlothian

Hearts of Midlothian is a team that has been in FIFA very often, the latest was FIFA 20. Why does Hearts make this list then? Let me explain! Hearts is a club from Edinburgh in Scotland. Hearts was founded in 1874 which makes them the oldest team on this list. The last time Hearts won the Scottish Premier League is in the 1959/60 season, can you give them their 5th Scottish Premier League? Also if you like storylines, you could compare this with an overtake storyline. The racing game Forza Horizon 4 takes place in Edinburgh, you could create a storyline where a Forza Horizon 4 character took over Hearts.

Austin FC

Austin FC is the newest addition to the MLS, joining the MLS in the 2021 season. This also means they are new to FIFA. Austin FC has played under different names in different competitions. Austin Bold FC for example played in the USL Championship, which is the 2nd tier of the USA. In the USA things work differently promotion wise, you don’t promote by winning the league, but by paying money. A team can’t just advance from the USL to the MLS. This team could be great for a Journeyman or a short MLS Career Mode!

Norwich City

Norwich City is a great option for your FIFA 22 Career Mode. Norwich City who had just been promoted to the Premier League has done a lot of business on the transfer market. Norwich City is filled with talents who you can make world class players. A few of these players are: Josh Sargent, Milot Rashica, Christos Tzolis and Ozan Kabak. Norwich City having their own stadium in the game also adds an extra reason to pick this team!

Venezia FC

The last on this list is Venezia FC. Venezia has been bankrupt very often since they have been relegated from the Serie A in 2002. This is their first season back since then and the club has had some promising signings. A big reason why Venezia FC is on the list is because of their current kits. The kits are considered one of the best kits this season and maybe in the last few years. Personally, they are my favorite and I hope they succeed in the Serie A. Can you keep them in the Serie A and battle it out with the Italian giants?

These were some teams you should use in FIFA 22. Keep in mind that there are many teams you can and maybe should use. Please join the Discord if you want to share your Career Mode experiences with one of these teams or join to share your experiences about a different save!

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