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Kosovian players are few and far between on FIFA, so when one turns up in the Premier League, they surely must have some talent! Rashica is a star to watch, both on the field for Norwich, and off it for any FIFA Career Mode save!

Career Mode Player of the Week
Name: Milot Rashica
Age: 24
Nationality: Kosovo
Real Face: Yes
FIFA 21 Rating: 77
FIFA 21 Potential: 83
Predicted FIFA 22 Rating: 75
Predicted FIFA 22 Potential: 82

The first player of the week is a Premier League newbie. The Kosovian attacker has for a while now, lit up the Bundesliga with Werder Bremen, utilising his blistering pace and creative skills to rack up a total of 31 G+A for the side in 3 seasons

It may not be the most impressive set of stats, but for a team that constantly placed in the bottom half of the table before their eventual relegation, it sure does hold up. Now applying his trade for another team that play in green, Rashica has joined freshly promoted Norwich City. The question is though, can he be a success? Or will the Kosovian Knight crumble? In FIFA 22, he can play a utilising role for a Norwich save in which you reform the club from a yo-yo team between the prem and championship, to a yo-yo team between the UCL and league title!

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