This Irish side has rarely seen European football be played at their ground, but can you bring back the one thing Finn Harps considers out of reach?

The team with the lowest budget and overall rating in all of FIFA, with those figures being £450,000 and 58 respectively, can you take these Irish minnows from hosting the likes of Sligo, Waterford and Drogheda to hosting Barcelona, Bayern and Manchester City?

As of now, the Irish outfit has made 8 appearances in any European competition since their formation, with their record revealing a depressing 1 draw and 7 losses, including an absolute smashing by Derby County, in which they lost 12-0 away from home, which added to their overall goal scoring record of 5 scored, and 37 conceded. But the question has to be asked, can you overwrite these ancient losses and take Finn Harps to UCL glory, whilst also cementing a power position in Ireland?

The rules are:
No financial takeovers
Win the Irish league and UCL by the end of the save
Always beat close rivals Derry City, and try maintain a higher position over alternate rivals Shamrock Rovers, by either beating them home and away, or finishing the season in a higher spot

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    1. Transfer and scouting wise there are not many limitations, considering the challenge itself is already hard. If you want to make it even harder you could get only players from Ireland or the UK. Youth wise I recommend scouting countries in the UK as well.


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